We have protested, it was great to see the UK support the #BlackLivesMatter movement. As much as I wanted to be part of it, there was too many things that lead me to stay out of it.

Now What’s Next?

Do we just continue tweeting and posting up #BlackLivesMatter posts on Instagram?

I’ve seen posts and tweets about #BuyBlack and a #Blackout. I am so here for black people putting money back into the  community by supporting black owned businesses.
Keep each other in the loop, if you’ve found a black owned business that’s supplies meat, let everyone know. If you find a restaurant that is black owned and vegan let everyone know.
The money made should be put back into other businesses and the community, we could help better the education for black children, we could help homeless black people, the list is endless.
The “uncomfortable” race talk
We understand how uncomfortable it is for non-black people to talk about race and racism. We have to listen as well as be listened too. We already know that non black people will not fully understand our situations. That doesn’t mean we cannot come together to state what is right and wrong and move forward from there.
I believe a lot of racism is down to pure ignorance and a lack of understanding. It’s easier to assume that black people are very similar when everything from the media to your best friend is telling you so. Non black people need to be willing to change their mentality and views when it comes to black people, it’s all good and we’ll you tweeting black lives matter but what are you going to do to support that?.
Both sides have to be honest and realise that comfort isn’t much of an option when it comes to ending systematic racism. The more race is discussed and spoken about  (correctly) the easier things will be, it will become easier to identify racism and to understand why an act is racially motivated. There will be less #AllLivesMatter hashtags and less hostility between races.
The talk about race and racism has been pushed back for far took long now, it’s time to have the uncomfortable and emotional conversations about race, that’s the only way to make the world a slightly better place.

Some videos & posts addressing the past few days events:

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