I did a post about what to do next after the protesting and marching called ‘What’s Next?’. I mentioned the hashtag #BuyBlack where we buy what we need and anything else we want from black owned businesses. I’ve recently come across a few black owned businesses that I’d want to buy from, thought it would be a good idea to share some of my black owned wants with you all. Feel free to comment any black owned businesses you know, I’d really appreciate it. 

Legendary Rootz

I want them all!! I’m looking to rock a black lives matter tee to carnival.


Smooch Maquillage

The lip products they have looks so good! Currently obsessed with nude shades so I might have to try out their nude shades.


Pieces By Keke

Already got two pairs of studs from here, I haven’t worn them yet but they’re really cute and well made. I’m definitely going to be ordering more earrings from pieces by Keke.



These earring look great on, I’ve seen a few people wear them on Instagram.

Nostalgic Soul Apparel

Joulezy #SmartBrownGirl

I have been following Joulezy for a long time now, she creates some real straight talking videos on youtube. As well as her smart brown girl apparel

Honey Coco

I’ve done a second #BuyBlack Wishlist – #BuyBlack Wishlist Pt.2

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