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Sometimes It feels like I’m greasing up my scalp everyday, especially now that it’s winter. It’s more like every two days to be honest.

When it comes to oils I have tried a few, I’ve tried; avocado oil, coconut oil,  olive oil and pumpkin seed oil. I still want to try black Jamaican castor oil and shea oil, to see if that does anything for my thirsty ass hair. But Olive Oil is the one for me at the moment.


I have the Deep Penetrating Oil from Mashooq, a UK based hair and beauty range, that is suitable for all hair and skin types.

The Deep Penetrating Oil is a blend of six oils;coconut, sweet almond, olive, sunflower, palm and wheat germ oil. This oil is specifically for afro-Caribbean textured hair that needs some extra mositure/hydration. 

There are several different ways to use this oil.  I just decided to use it as a styling oil. I went for a twist style for work, a combination of a few flat twists and some single twists as well.

I like that this oil smells fresh and natural. Smells a lot like sunflower oil, very subtle but nice.

How I Used It


Before I used the oil I used my spritz bottle to detangle my hair, then I sectioned it into four parts. Then the twisting began.
I poured a pound size amount into the palm of my hand and massaged the oil into each section for a few seconds, focusing on the ends and my scalp. When flat twisting the front of my hair, I poured a small amount onto my finger tips and began to twist. I didn’t do this step when I did the single twists.

When I finished all the twists I then poured some more oil into my hands and lightly worked it into my hair, mainly into my scalp and the single twists. I then put on my head Scalp and then my Softhood Hair Dryer Attachment and turned the hair dryer on for 20 minutes. I thought this would help the oil penetrate my scalp.

End Results

It was really easy to use and I didn’t get that sticky, nasty greasy feeling. There was no irritation, I did have a little flaking,  which I am putting down to some product buildup. I should have worked on clean hair first.

Out of 5?


The oil didn’t add much Moisture or hydration to my hair. But I like how light weight it is and the shine it gives my hair.
After using the oil for just under a week, I’ve noticed that it does give my hair a really nice healthy shine. However the mixture of oils in this Mashooq oil doesn’t penetrate my hair enough. I find that my scalp is still dry after using this oil. Coconut oil doesn’t penetrate my scalp or hair strands well, it tends to just sit or dry out. If coconut oil works well for you then I’d recommend this oil.
I’m going to try massaging the oil into my scalp and see if that makes a difference. I will keep you updated on my social media sites.

*Update: I might have to try this oil again as I only used small amounts when styling, which could have been the reason why my hair didn’t feel moisturiesed. 
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