Before we get into this post, I’d like to Thankyou everyone for the love that was shown on my last postAll the compliments and shares are appreciated. THANKYOU!

I did a twitter poll to see if you would want me to do monthly favourites posts, and even though the majority of people said yes, I thought it might not be very interesting. So instead of monthly favourites, I have decided to do monthly updates. Every month I will go through how the month has treated me. I guess it’s what you would call a monthly roundup. Let me know if you like this whole thang or not in the comments.

Happy New Year
I entered the new year with my loved ones, my best friend and one too many alcoholic beverages… It was lovely.
I felt a sense of relief when I heard the fire works going off and everyone around me cheering and clapping. 2016 wasn’t a terrible year, but it was a bit gloomy and I got the feeling that a lot of other people felt the same way about the year.Waking up on the first of January to rain wasn’t nice, but it’s England so I should really be used to this unhealthy amount of rain *sigh.
I felt a bit anxious about posting up my goals for new the new year. I know I’m terrible with setting and sticking to my goals. So far I haven’t achieved any of my goals, actually have started reading again so I guess that’s something.

I just can’t deal, I went on three dates with one guy and that’s it, I’m done. I think, no wait, I know I need to just forget about this whole dating and relationship thing. I have come to realise that I’m really really really really really really… not ready. You can read up on my whole dating app experience here.

Currently Reading

If you saw my I’m a Control Freak post and follow me on social media, you will already know that I am currently reading one of Iyanla Vanzant’s books. It’s great, scary but great. I am looking to buy a few more books so send some suggestions my way. I think I should start reading the books I bought months ago and haven’t even opened yet, as I have nearly finished with this book. The next book will probably be Black Skin, White Masks as I’ve only flicked through the first few pages so far. Also Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s We Should All Be Feminists looks interesting, it’s already on my Amazon Wishlist.

Currently bumping and grinding to Dvsn – Too Deep.

I’ve been listening to a lot of songs I haven’t heard in a long long time. I loved the old Jojo, Alicia Keys and I’m really appreciating Mary J. Blige’s ‘The Breakthrough’ album. My mum used to play ‘Alone’ all of the time. Dave Young’s vocals on this track is so sensual (you have been warned).I grew up listening to Brian McKnight, Donell Jones and Mary J. Blige. I remember being all in my feelings when I was younger, singing along to Let Me Love YouShorty (Got Here Eyes On Me) and Sweet Misery.

Natural Hair Journey

Currently at that fed up, lazy stage (again). I thought putting my hair in plaits would be a good thing, but I only really did it so I don’t have to style my hair for work everyday.

Left my braids in for four weeks (big mistake). You would think I learnt from the last time I did that, but no. This stubborn and lazy chick called Saabirah, left her braids in for four whole weeks and ended you with a whole load of shedding. So it looks like two, maybe three weeks at a push is all my hair can take.I need to do some serious hair care shopping. Olive oil is bae at the moment, so I just need to stock up on that and I need to get my hands on some more Shea Butter. A big ass hair products haul is coming.
I think this is all to be honest. January has been a long and cold month, so I’m just glad it’s over. If the next four months could just come and go so summer can begin please, that would be much appreciated. I just want the sun and Carnival to bless my life right now.
How was January for you? Also do you like the idea of these monthly updates? Is there anything you want me to talk about in February’s post?

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