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The lovely Anita has created her own organic skincare range, and she has kindly sent me a few of her products for me to try and review.

I have the Shea Glo Aloe Shea Moisturising Face Primer, a sample of her Orange Soufflé Hand & Body Butter and a sample of her Citrus Shea Body Polish.

First Impressions

As soon as I opened the pretty gold package, I could already smell the zesty orange scent coming from the Orange Soufflé Hand & Body Butter. All the products smell so fresh and natural. I love the packaging, it’s so sophisticated and clearly labelled.

Aloe Shea Moisturising Face Primer

I have been using the primer as a daily moisturiser for the past couple of days. So I will let you know how it works underneath my makeup on my instagram.

The primer has a very light, smooth and velvety texture, almost like a mouse. It was very easy to apply and left my skin feeling moisturised and soft without making my face look or feel oily, which is definitely a bonus for me as I have combination skin. I love how it keeps my skin smooth and moisturised throughout the day and it melts into my skin really well.

I love when products smell natural, especially if I’m using them on my face. This primer has a nice natural and subtle scent. The Shea Butter and Ylang-ylang really comes through.

Out of 5: 4/5 Only because I haven’t used it with makeup yet. My skin has responded really well to this primer.

Orange Soufflé Hand & Body Butter


I work in a kitchen and I’m constantly washing up, so my hands are always dry. I thought it would be best to use this butter for my hands. Washing up using the harsh chemical at work without any gloves has irritated my skin. I massaged the soufflé into my hands, I could feel a difference fairly quickly. I noticed that it reduced the redness on my hand and really soothed the itchy/irritable feeling I had before applying the butter.

Love the smell, it’s smells like a Jaffa Cake (I love Jaffa Cakes…God, now I really want Jaffa Cakes😢).

Soufflé is definitely the best way to describe the texture. It’s sooooo smooth and light.

Out of 5: 5/5 I’ve given this a 5 out of 5 because it does what it’s meant to do, so I don’t really have any complaints. I think this would be good for anyone who wants a gentle and moisturising body butter. 

Citrus Shea Body Polish

This smells like fresh orange peel 😍. The smell makes me feel like I’m in a fancy spa somewhere. It’s really comforting.
I was so excited to try this out, I love the feel of a good facial/body scrub.
I first tried it out on the back of my hand just to see how it felt. Even though I do prefer larger granules, I actually really liked the feel of the fine granules in this scrub. It left my hand feeling smoother and it looks a little brighter too.I then used the body Polish whilst in the bath👐👐Not only does it smell amazing, but it made me skin feel amazing too. I worked it into my neck, chest and arms for a minute or two then I rinsed it off. I was not expecting my body to feel so smooth. It felt as if I had covered myself in coconut oil, I wasn’t left feeling dry at all. It was really comforting to know that I could smell the Body Polish on my skin throughout the day.
Out of 5: 10/10 This was my favourite😍. I had to give this a huge score because it’s amazing. I would definitely recommend this, and I think this is a perfect product for a self care day.

You can follow Shea Glo Skincare on InstagramFacebook and Twitter. The website will be up and running soon. If you’re interested in making any purchases from Shea Glo Skincare you can contact Anita on her social media platforms for more details.
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