Excited to be doing my first blogger collaboration with the beautiful Sabrina – Curlyfrosista.com.

Trigger warning: There is talk of medication and overdose in this blog post.

Hey dolls, I’m Sabrina your CurlyFroSista. I run a lifestyle blog sharing reviews on beauty and hair products. I am also a lifestyle enthusiast and a big food lover. Among my many interests one of my greatest hopes in life is to live in a world where mental health has more awareness.

Happy to be collaborating with Sabrina and discussing mental health. A topic that has been greatly talked about among us young people recently. 

How did you find out you have a mental health issue?
Sabrina’s Story
Shortly after Sabrina made the move to the US, leaving her childhood, friends, family behind. Shes diagnosed with major depression and social phobia.
The idea of moving to the US was great, it almost felt like a movie. The excited fueled Sabrina to live a life she never thought she could live.
I realised how different it was here I panicked. The people, the food, lack of culture I was actually scared tbh lol. It took me a long time to adjust and adapt. I started to miss my old life so much I would get super emotional. It was extremely hard to talk to people. I mean I did a lot of unnecessary thinking that put so many thoughts in my head which made it impossible to make friends.

Sabrina’s first job was at a Doctors office, where customer service is key. As much as it was a great experience, Sabrina would find herself getting sweaty hands and an increased heart rate. After developing a good relationship with her boss, her doctor became her doctor. After a while the doctor would notice small changes in my mood throughout the day and decided to talk to me after a few months.

I didn’t understand what depression was and why it was happening to me. How did I manage to develop social anxiety after being popular in high school, seriously who is this person. He diagnosed me with major depression and social phobia and referred me to a therapist. I think seeing the word MAJOR was a suffocating experience. I felt very closed in after that and so my battle begun.

Me: It’s probably only been a year or two since I found out I had anxiety. I was watching a lot of youtubers who discussed anxiety and read a few articles and blog posts on anxiety. Essentially I have self diagnosed myself to be honest, I haven’t yet seen a doctor or specialist. The idea of it scares me.

I identified with a lot of the feelings and experiences that I was watching people talk about. The more I have looked into anxiety, the more I realise that I have had anxiety for as long as I can remember. However it was a hell of a lot easier to suppress when I was in school and college/high school. I had no idea what anxiety was and I had way too many distractions at school to even notice my anxiety. 
One positive thing that has come from being aware of your mental health?

Sabrina: Being able to share my experiences with many of you that suffer from the same or other mental issues that may need some encouragement. You are not alone. 

Me: I now know what it is that has been weighing me down. The best way to deal with something is to know what it is that you’re dealing with. Knowing what anxiety is and what steps I need to take in order to manage it better is a huge relief. A huge scary relief. 

How do you cope with your mental health?
Me: Managing my anxiety and mental health now has been difficult. The more I know the harder it is to put my mind at rest. I am constantly over thinking and second guessing my thoughts and feelings. I really need to work on a self-care routine, routine and organisation really has helped the few times I have actually been organised. Music and writing are the two things I know helps. Music has always been an important part of my life. I don’t remember a time when there wasn’t music running through my house.

Sabrina: Sabrina understands the everyday battle that comes with managing our mental health, and has tried several different methods to help reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Positive and motivational videos, surrounding yourself with positive people being some if the things Sabrina focuses on.
One of the biggest thing is self acclamation, putting more love and praise towards myself. I spend a lot of time researching and understanding my moods and how to prevent situations from escalating. I think learning my personality and smiling more with confidence helped me a lot. I make conversations, and travel more to find myself so I can better understand me. New interest, making small changes to my daily routine and thinking habits has helped tremendously also helps with perspective.
All of these things that Sabrina makes a conscious effort to do for her mental health is done alongside Therapy.
>> Seeking professional help is the best thing you can do. Sometimes talking to someone is a great step to recovery.<<
What type of mental health issue do you have?
Me: Anxiety and I have experienced episodes of depression.

Sabrina: Social Phobia, Anxiety and Depression.
How has your mental health affected your everyday life?

Me: The over thinking and second guessing has made me feel really hesitant to do anything that makes me feel any type of discomfort. Surrounded by people who see my potential and all the good things that I can achieve, but not being able to see that within myself Is hard. It’s difficult to explain why I have this lack of self belief to anyone, and even more difficult to admit. Everyday there’s the constant feeling of “keeping up appearance” and putting on a smile. 

Forming new friendships and relationships has always been difficult for me. Being aware of my anxiety has just made it that little bit more difficult. I’m very aware of my mood and levels of anxiety. I never know what to say or I just keep quite because I am afraid I will say the wrong thing. Once I’m comfortable I’m absolutely fine.


Social Life: My social life was shit (pardon my French) but my social life was so horrible I barely had friends and it wasn’t because people weren’t approaching me it was just me being able to hold a conversation. The sweaty hands, heart racing, head pounding and questions running through my head. Will they like me or things I like? Would I be the type of friend they would want to hang out with? So many silly things and even to this day I struggle a little with approaching people but I really worked on it.

Relationships: I think this is the second complicated thing to deal with because it’s extremely hard to communicate to someone who’s doesn’t suffer from anxiety. I’d say my anxiety has definitely made me identify with being an introvert and in cases it’s hard to be open and be able to share things without feeling like that person is constantly judging you. There’s so many worrisome thoughts that anxiety can cause putting myself in a very bad mental state. Overthinking the worst in situations causes fear of being in future relationships. This is practically a work in progress. I recently got out of a breakup I might do a topic on breakups who knows (lol)

Work : This one I know a lot of people can relate to. Who’s had the Bubble guts when you’re heading to work constantly thinking you’re gonna walk into chaos? Well I have! It’s not fun. I mean I work with kids for crying out loud it’s a fun and exciting job might be the best job I’ve had but I still get anxious thinking the same destructive things.

Have you taken or considered taking medication?
Sabrina: Sabrina wants to stress the importance of knowing that medications not for everyone. No longer on medication, Sabrina highlights how easy it can be to overdose. On medication and still experiencing side effects and anxiety, Sabrina took more than the prescribed amount with hopes that the side effects and anxiety would disappear.
Then it came to a point where it was frustrating and I thought by taking maybe more than prescribed It would make me feel better mood wise and that practically was an overdose.  I took medicine on and off for a few years and trust me when I say that sometimes medicine isn’t for everyone. I’m not telling anyone you don’t need it, but sometimes not everyone will react the same to a medication.
Me: I haven’t taken any medication nor considered it, however I have definitely thought about it. I don’t know about the medication available for those with anxiety. I personally wouldn’t want to take any medication, I’m more into natural healing methods, over man-made medication. 
One piece of advice for someone dealing with mental health?
Me: Talk to someone. I think speaking really helps find the root of the problem. What is it that is causing the problems? 

Sabrina: Talk about it, it can be your family, your friends, a teacher find someone you trust. Talking about it is the first step!


In your opinion, how can we bring more awareness to mental health? 
Sabrina: Awareness starts with spreading the word. Adding more information to school systems, teaching parents how to handle situations and educating their children on how to talk to someone with mental issues can help. Youth groups and more community services and clinics with information can help as well.

Work environments can be very harsh, so employers also need to know how to identify people with mental health issues and help make them feel comfortable.
Me: Conversations. Mental health needs to be addressed better inside of school. I briefly learnt about depression because I studied Health & Social Care. Depression isn’t the only mental health issue, the more we know about them all, the better. Quicker diagnosis will benefit younger people so much more than finding out in your twenties and thirties. 
Who has helped or is helping with your mental health?

Sabrina: Friends definitely! Talking about my mental issues and others relating to it has helped make things and communicating a lot easier.
Me: At the moment my family are helping. I am able to talk about the things that are on my mind. Sometimes I just need someone to make sense of my thoughts.


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