I am the worst when it comes to applauding myself. I have always struggled to list my strengths. Getting to this point in my life where I am able to acknowledge my strengths is big for me. When I have moments of self acceptance and self belief I speak on it.

Tell me about yourself


What are your strengths?


Why should I consider hiring you?

Being kind to myself is something that I have always struggled to do. Why? I just get caught up on what society has taught me to be proud of. Instead of being proud of my own achievements, regardless of how small or minor they may be to the outside world.

You need at least 5 A*- C

You need to be confident

You need to be self motivated

You need to know what you want to do with your life

Cards made on Vistaprint. Cute pouch is from Sunu kër.

Recent events have made it clearer than ever that this blog is my passion. Sharing my thoughts and feelings is something that I have always wanted to do, but never figured out how to do it. Years of keeping it all bottled up has resulted in some very well written blog posts (if I do say so myself). Having a lot to say but never feeling comfortable expressing myself due to fear.

I only wanted to be included, involved, noticed and understood. 

I said to my mum the other day; “I would have never of thought I’d have blog that people actually read and enjoy”.

Years of feeling lonely and now I have a space where I can speak about whatever I want. I have people say that they can relate and they get it. I don’t think I can even begin to explain how much I appreciate everyone who has read my posts, shared them, commented on them and told me they enjoyed them.

It means so much to me.

I shouldn’t need validation and praise to stay motivated or to believe in my sauce, but right now I need it. Years of silently craving validation has left me feeling extremely overwhelmed and unprepared whenever I experience praise.

Going to a job interview and having someone tell you they “love your CV” and that she really liked my blog posts, with reference to the specific post she liked. All I could say was Thank you. My brain couldn’t process it, a possible future employer enjoyed my work. The same work I downplay on a daily basis. The same work I am both proud of, but apprehensive to share.

It’s mad!

The same work that inspired my sister to start up a blog. The same work that has had people approach me with guest post opportunities. The same blog that has had family members close to tears.

I am so proud to say that this beautiful space is mine, its my crazy thoughts and feelings. It’s my safe space. It’s my happy but sometimes stressful place. This is where it all started. This space has given me so much confidence.

This blog, My blog…

My passion


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