Bola Sol // Self Development & Money Matters


Bola explored many areas that I’m sure a lot people can relate to like; the fear of failure, entitlement, diversification, energy, improving your credit and having/ managing multiple streams of income.
Bola reminded us that we shouldn’t let the fear of failure own us. Failure is an opportunity for us to learn something, a chance for us to grow – Failure can be turned around.
Bola made me look at the whole “don’t push yourself too far” statement differently. She suggested that it’s best to push yourself so that you know your limit. If you can push yourself to 90% then do it, if you can push yourself to 65% do it. I think a lot of the time we get really comfortable and stop pushing ourselves to do that little bit more. Discover what your limit it, stay consistent with it.
She expressed the need to “pick up your passions” once you’ve finished education Use that time after education to explore interests, hobbies and talents. Try new things you never know where those hobbies, talents and interests will take you.
Hearing Bola talk about money definitely caught my attention. I’m terrible with money, I know I have to utilise my money better if I want to progress. Although credit cards improve your credit score, it is important to be smart your credit card use and to be aware of what you’re signing up for, ask as many questions as you need.
I love events that are run by black people, it’s so much more relatable and personal. Bola spoke about breaking away from stereotypes and to use our money wisely, invest into something that will continue on, something your children can benefit from.


Azryah Harvey // So you want to be an influencer?

Azryah from BKChatldn discussed the benefits and downfalls that come from being an influencer.

Understand the power of your influence, your worth, your purpose and who you’re influencing. Being an influencer can give you a sense of fulfilment. However you should be mindful of your limits. You might want to take on a lot of opportunities but know when to stop and take time.

Jamelia Donaldson // Employee to Entrepreneur


I was so excited to hear from Jamelia. Jamelia is the founder of Tressure Tress a monthly subscription box that brings full sized natural hair goodies to your door.


The best way to start a business is to detect a problem and provide a solution. Use focus groups together to share their thoughts and concerns with your business/product/service. Focus on what you already have, utilise your social media, get influencers / content creators on board to help increase your visibility.

Think outside of the box, be creative and imaginative. Be creative with your business, see how you can make more money from your business; events, workshops etc. Also be smart with your money, have an emergency fund.

Ade Akins // Fundamentals of Brand Building
The main man Ade spoke about branding. Building a brand is something I’m currently working on. I’m still in the process of figuring out what I want to be recognised for, what I want my brand to represent. So I knew Ade’s talk would be really useful.

You need to have a strong brand, as it is an extension of yourself. It is a visual representation of what you stand for, so it needs to be clear. Your brand should allow your audience to connect to you on a personal level.

Ade went on to about the fundamentals of building a successful brand,which included a great breakdown on ‘How to build a brand’.
To build a successful brand you need a mission/purpose, a vision (where do you want to be?) And Values (what do you stand for?). It is important to know your industry, audience behaviours and your competition, do not shy away from knowing what other businesses within your industry are doing. You should also be open to developing and improving your brand, ask yourself what is and isnt working.
Bola Awoniyi // Stay Small, Stay Niche
Bola Awoniyi Co Founder of Black Ballad 🎉  spoke to us about being a Niche. Today there are loads of Niche businesses that are doing extremely well, so when Bola said that “Niche doesn’t mean small” I could see what he was talking about. Niche to me meant finding a gap in the market and filling it with a brilliant new idea.
Utilise internet economics – We are now able to access and interact with people from all over the world, due to the destruction of geographical boundaries. You to reach larger audiences through social media which allows you to have free/ cheap distraction as there’s fewer people involved. If you’re selling something digital e.g. Prints, calendars etc then there’s less costs paid by you (zero marginal costs).

Use the fact that you’re specialised and create products, services and experiences that exclude those outside the target market.


I had a chat with the founder of SAIE about their upcoming events. As I write about mental health from time to time I thought it would be a good opportunity to speak to someone who is currently working to remove the stigma of mental health specifically in the black community.

I also got to speak to Caroline about Toast 2 Young London, a organisation that encourages young entrepreneurs. In a time when everyone wants to be an entrepreneur I think it’s important to go to as many helpful events as possible, there’s so much to learn and so many people willing to share their story.


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