First, Thank you Caroline & Misha for the warm welcome, before any event I’m always nervous, but you ladies made me feel super comfortable. It was lovely seeing Caroline and Misha again after meeting them at the Adzvice Push event.

To celebrate a year of success, Toast2YoungLondon hosted their third event. A networking event for young entrepreneurs. An opportunity to mingle, meet some amazing business men and women, share experiences and advice.

I’m glad I got to be part of the celebration and sit amongst some incredibly successful and inspiring people. Hoping their passion rubs off on me lol.

This event was hosted by Anton & Ola the duo behind Tag Me In Podcast. These guys did a great job, asked the speakers all the right questions and directed the conversation really well.

I have to comment on how chilled the atmosphere was at this event. The attentive silence in the room when the speakers were sharing their knowledge was appreciated. You could tell everyone came for the right reasons.

Brixton Soup Kitchen

I’ve been following the Brixton Soup Kitchen‘s journey since their appearance on Melanin Millennials podcast. I admire the work Solomon Smith & Mohamed Hashi do.

Brixton Soup Kitchen is an organisation founded in 2013 that provides a wide range of services for those in need. Supplying food, drinks and workshops to help those who are homeless.

I loved both Solomon and Mohamed’s honesty. As two men who had no background in their current award winning business, it was interesting hearing how they overcame obstacles.

A few of the points that resignated with me:

Be direct and ask for what it is that you want – Sharing their stories from times people have offered their services, and the guys have humbly accepted anything. Mohamed stressed the importance of asking for what you want and being specific with it.

  • Overcome the fear by just doing it
  • Be ready for change
  • Be a Business from the start
  • Look after those people who make your life easier
  • Keep a personal touch

Mariam Mola

Founder of Mentor MatcHER a business dedicated to proving women with the knowledge and connections needed to develop a successful business.

It’s amazing seeing women identify and fill gaps in business.

Mariam broke it and down and explained that a mentor is someone who is well versed and willing to share their knowledge with others who want to be equally as successful. If you wanted to be a writer you would get a mentor, like an author someone you can observe, shadow and learn from.

  • Get a mentor that can excel your success.
  • Understand what you want from your mentor.
  • What have they achieved?
  • What have they done?
  • Who’s life have they changed already?

Mariam spoke about how important it is to build healthy relationships. She encouraged us to go into a relationship wanting to give first, before demanding what it is that you want from the relationship. Find out what it is that you could give to someone.

Jamelia Donaldson

Jamelia is the founder of Tressure Tress, the UK subscription service that sends out boxes every month filled with full sized natural hair care products.

Jamelia gave us some book recommendations for those that need that push towards the business we’ve been sitting on; Delivering Happiness, Conversations with God and Outwitting The Devil.

Juggling work and her new business was becoming a daily struggle, so she had to make a choice. Her story is inspirational and relatable. A lot of the time we are juggling the two, our passions and our jobs, one gives us the money we need to fuel the passion. Making that choice to pick one or the other either comes when the risk is minimal or when you get to the yolo point. I’m aiming for the minimal risk point.

Jameila wanted to be the one who encourages her niece to love her natural hair, and she wanted to provide UK naturals with the products that we all wanted but struggled to get our hands on.

Moses Adeyemi

Moses is the founder of the Sliver Line Project. A programme that supports adults with complex needs including people with disabilities and mental health issues and those in the process of criminal rehabilitation. 

I definitely felt his passion, when speaking about losing yourself when opportunities arise. Making sure you remember the reasons why you’re doing what you’re doing, without getting lost and staying true to who you are.

I really enjoyed Owanari Briggs performance at the end. He did two spoken word performances, one on being “colour blind” and another one titled figures. 

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