2017 has been a crazy year for me, it did start off pretty rocky with some breakdowns and a lot of self evaluation. Now that the year is coming to an end I can honestly say I am looking forward to the New Year.

This will be the last of my monthly updates. I started this to see how it would go, I hoped it would encourage me to be consistent and it did. If you want to stay updated in the new year, follow me on my socials. I tend to post mini hauls and chatty videos on my instagram story.

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As 2017 comes to an end I want to reflect on the year and share my thoughts and plans for the new year.

I also want to let you know about some of the events coming in the new year. I will try to make as many as I can, but I still work Saturday’s so I will see what I can do. If there any events I may be interested in please do let me know.  Attending events had become one of my favourite things to do in my spare time. I’m looking forward to the events in the new year and a few of my own events too. Something I have been thinking about for some time now, I love getting together and sharing knowledge.

Upcoming Events:

Half Full, Not Empty: The Launch

– Sat 6th January 16:00 – 18:00

Half Full Not Empty, a social enterprise that aims to equip young people with the tools to look after their mental health. Come to our launch to find out more about what we do, why we do it and how. You’ll have the opportunity to be inspired by personal stories, listen to a panel of both advocates and professionals and network with others just like you, who want to do their part, in helping reduce the statics of mental health illness in the young people.

Moor Hair: Product Swap

– Sat 13th January 19:00 – 21:00

An opportunity to network with other natural hair enthusiasts and swap products. If you have products at home that didn’t work for you or some that you haven’t even used yet then bring them along to this evening, to get a chance to swap your products with someone.

Screen Nation: Digital-IS Media Awards & After Party

– Sun 14th January 17:00 – 00:00

The first & only industry related film, television and digital awards event celebrating the leading professionals and talents of African Diaspora heritage from UK & overseas.

Fempire: How To Build Your Fempire

– Sat 27th January 12:00 – 16:00

It’s the first event of the year and the perfect time to get that pitch on point! What better way to launch your business venture or even your confidence by practising your pitch! 

Host Kelechi Okafor (Actor/Presenter/Founder of Kelechnekoff Studios/Say Your Mind Podcast) will be sitting down to speak with our guests: Khalia Ismain (Founder of Jamii/Founding Member of Baygo), Jamelia Donaldson (Founder of Treasure Tress), Ronke Lawal (Marketing and PR Genius, Founder of AriatuPR) and Danielle McDonald (Founder of Brands of Colour)


I said in my last blog post – My First Time Speaking At An Event that 2017 has been the year of true growth for me

This year has definitely been the year of personal growth, I have had some ups and downs but a shift in my attitude towards life has allowed me to end the year on a high.

For the first time I was honest about my mental health,  and that has honestly really helped me to build better relationships and I’m able to just be myself. My attitude towards myself has changed for the better. I have already noticed the difference in myself since I’ve been more honest with what is going on with me.  Remaining positive when speaking about myself has also helped.

Earlier this year I had a moment where I burst into to tears,  I couldn’t get my head around people showing me love, people telling me they love my company. It was an overwhelming feeling.

I have accepted parts of me I never wanted to accept before, I have come to terms with the fact that I am me and that isn’t a bad thing. Giving myself permission to do me without apologising.

Seeing the woman I am becoming and the opportunities that have come my way from me just being me, is confirmation that I am enough. There is always room for growth, but this time I am looking forward to that growth.

Plans For 2018

I want to manage my mental health better, so I am looking into counselling. Something I have been thinking about a lot this year. I know I need help It’s just figuring out what kind of help I need.

I am so excited to do some events in the new year. Two years of Blogging has taught me a lot about the blogging community and myself. I can’t wait to share this experience with others. I want to meet more people, build new relationships and see where my blog can take me.

I want to see the world, I definitely need to get my butt on a plane at some point in the new year. 2018 is the year I go on my first solo trip, I am speaking it into existence.

I am looking forward to the process of learning more about myself. Finding out who I really am.

Thank you for making this year such an amazing year! Honestly without the you reading my blog, commenting, following my socials I would not have gotten to this point, so Thank You. 

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