When thinking of blog photography I automatically think about crisp white backgrounds and perfectly placed flat lays. That however does not mean your blog photography must be exactly that. Creating content is all about being creative, so when it comes to photography for your blog have fun with it.

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I have not let not having a camera get in the way of my photography. It is all about being creative and timing. Timing? Yes, timing because if that sun ain’t popping, then my photo shoot days have to be rescheduled. I relay solely on natural lighting to take my product shots, which is great when there is blue skies and pure sunshine, but it’s London so those days are rare. This approach to blog photography is fine when you’re starting out but the more you explore the blogging world you may want to experiment with lighting, cameras and locations.

If you want to know a little more about camera choices and photography tips you can read my summary from last years Black British Bloggers Social event, where Tatenda Nyamande gave us a photography masterclass.

Photography Tips

Lighting – As I said before natural lighting is going to be your best friend when it comes to product shots. However there are options for bloggers on a budget who want to improve their lighting. You can create your own light box, for simple product shots, or clear a space and create flat lays using relevant materials that can be found around the house like paper clips, plates, flowers, throws etc.

You can also buy a ring light or a set of box lights to create more light to fill up a room, if you want to shot during the day without worrying about inconsistent light.

Props – Use products from Primark’s home ware section for blog photos, Tiger has great seasonal items that can be used as propz. Use what you have at home; books, empty jars, food, plants, framed pictures, clothes to add in different patterns and textures, and you can use jewellery.

You can read Saira’s post How I Take My Blog Photos for some more help regarding lighting and props.

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I love reusing tissue paper from the boxes I receive to add texture and colour to my photos. I always keep tissue paper and ribbons just in case they can be used for future shoots, plus I’m a hoarder, so any excuse to keep things I don’t really need.

I take 99% of my blog photos at home, not the coolest place to shoot, but location is definitely something I want to play around with in the future. I bought a 5m roll of white paper from Wilko for only £1.25. Creating a plain background allows you to create your own setting.

Location – Location is important, you need the right amount of space, a space that isn’t too restricted so you can really let your creativity flow.
Utilise free spaces, and be aware of the lighting situation, especially if you are shooting indoors. The location and whatever it is that you are photographing should make sense, so think about what is happening in the background of your shot and play around with angles.

Equipment – As I use my phone to take my pictures I found it difficult to get the right angles for the perfect photo. Thanks to a few recommendations from my friends, I purchased a tripod for £2.39 from eBay. I didn’t realise how much I needed a tripod until I got one. No more one handed shaky photos, being able to set the camera down and play with the items in shot is what is going to improve your photography game fo sho.

How I Edit My Photos

When it comes to editing I keep it pretty simple, a cool filter, adjust the brightness, contrast and sharpen up the photos and they are ready to be showcased on the gram.

Lately I have been using Canva to create my blog photos. I use their blog graphic and instagram templates to make my blog photos more interesting.

Here is one post I have created using Fotor to edit my photo and then Canva to give it it’s minimal background and font.


There are loads of free apps to download, but it be a whole trial and error process finding the app that does everything you need it to. I would highly recommend Fotor and Snapseed. I use both these apps for different reasons, I use Fotor if I want a really simple edit and Snapseed if I want to get creative with filters.

If you missed the first part of the series you can read How To Blog On A Budget now. Ray & Charlotte share some more of their photography tips and insight on my instagram, follow the series with the hashtag #BOABWithSaabirah and feel free to get involved and share some of your photography knowledge.

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