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“What is your legacy?”

The moment I heard Jay from Curlture ask us this at last years Black British Bloggers event I have been wracking my brain thinking about my own legacy. It’s easy for me to just drift into the background and simply exist. Since I started blogging I have not only found my voice, a passion for creativity through writing and content creating, but I have realized that I have a purpose.


*Details: EarringsJumpsuit

Photographer: Whitney Abigail

Not the most religious of individuals, but with that being said I do believe with any talent comes a responsibility to utilize them. I don’t believe I am the best of writers, but I enjoy what I do and I am privileged to be able to use my voice. With any talent we have, It’s important we use them in healthy and productive ways. Using our talents to create something that will live on with or without the Internet and that will also live on when we pass. It doesn’t have to be a big charity named after ourselves, it could be that in a few years from now, people will mention you when they think of something that has had an impact on them or others.

When we think of legacies we tend to think big, all the legends we can think of today have had a massive impact on the world we live in today. Does this mean our Legacies have to be as big? Definitely not, we have to take our mental and physical health into account. A lot of the work we do today either intentionally or unintentionally is part of the contribution to the big changes we want to see in the world. So we have to have a healthy appreciation for our health, we cannot burn ourselves out.


*Details: EarringsJumpsuit

Photographer: Whitney Abigail

I do wonder what my legacy will be, I feel like my contribution to the conversation around black women finding themselves and living their truth is something I want to be known for. I want to live as authentically as I can to set an example for others.

Our contributions, big or small are all contributions that will create a legacy for ourselves and our community. Live your life purposefully, that doesn’t mean we have to stress and overthink about what we are contributing to the community.

Is it vain to think of our Legacies? Are our legacies something we intentionally create or is it something that is recognised by others?

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3 thoughts on “What Is Your Legacy? – Black People & Our Legacies

  1. Definitely an interesting approach to simply wanting to do something or commit to something that will impact others. To give your yourself focus and direction. I have never actually thought about my ‘legacy’ – it does sound a little pompous but on closer analysis perhaps not! Why not think about the difference you can make and whether you can do do in a lasting rather than fleeting way. Love this post – got me thinking!

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