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I have spent the last couple of years making a conscious effort to support the black community through supporting black owned businesses.



With just under a month till Christmas I thought it would be a great idea to put together a black owned Christmas gift guide. I wanted to keep it short and sweet so I have highlighted 27 gift ideas from black owned businesses.

Gifting Essentials

Highlighting some of the gifting essentials you’ll need to wrap up your gifts, as well as some creative cards and wrapping paper by some amazing women.


1. Bonita Ivie Prints

2. Afro Glory

3. Kitschnoir

Hair Care

Some black owned hair care businesses for any naturals, culrlies and hair enthusiasts. I have mainly focused on hair care that is packed with natural ingredients.


1. Nylah

2. Anita Grant

3. Flora & Curl


FASHUN!! Looking good, whilst supporting some black owned businesses? Yes please! I have some black owned businesses that will have you looking and feeling great.


1. Inoir

2. Nubian Skin

3. Aff & Jam

Home & Lifestyle

As I love home wear I could not leave it out of this list.

Bespoke Binny pretty much have everything you could want, african printed hot water bottle cover? Bespoke Binny have it! Want an African print lap shade or some cushions? Onua Home have it! Recently discovered LAGOM and their candles are so authentically pleasing and they are Soy *hallelujah*


1. Bespoke Binny

2. Onua Home



Looking to glow all year round? Yeah me too. Which is why I had to include some businesses that can contribute to the glow.

Love Rems make some beautiful bath salts and I love the packaging. Afro Hair & Skin Co has been working hard to expand their already amazing range of skin care and hair care products. I have been eyeing up Narloa lemon and aloe face wash for so long, I think it’s time to give myself a little Christmas gift.


1. Love Rems

2. Afro Hair & Skin Co

3. Narloa


I thought I would suggest some alternative gifts for children, instead of toys.

Cherish Me is a family run business that do the sweetest affirmation cards. Some books that were created with us in mind, great representation. Tiny Blings is the spot for some personalised gifts, they also do some african print hair clips for mini curlies.


1. Cherish Me

2. Daddy Do My Hair

3. My Uncle and Me

4. Tiny Blings


If you want to look extra saucy for the New Year’s celebrations, here’s a few brands that you can support.


1. Anna Beauty Cosmetics

2. MDM Flow

3. Afunkie


I have only recently started to wear statement earrings, I am making small steps towards wearing jewellery. If you are more of a jewellery kinda person then here are a few brands to check out.


1. Omo Lola

2. Chalk Jewellery

3. Maroon Dawta

More Gift Ideas

I had to include some of the business I already use and one I have my eye on.

Gift yourself or someone else a Jamii card so that you can continue to support black owned businesses with a discount. Sassy Apparel live up to their name with their unique apperal. Ayok’a has the best phone cases, great stocking fillers.


1. Jamii

2. Ayok’a

3. Sassy Apparel

I would love for you to add to this list, so share and comment a black owned business you’ll be supporting during the festive season. I hope this list is helpful for those looking to support some amazing black owned businesses, and for those who are looking for a list of interesting and creative gifts for their loved ones.

You can also read about my experience with Jamii, and you can use my discount code: SAABIRAH if you are looking to purchase a Jamii discount card.

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6 thoughts on “UK Black Owned Christmas Gift Guide

  1. This is really good. I love finding new black businesses.

    Two of my favourite black businesses are Nubian Rick Chick (stationery, prints, planner accessories) and Dorcas Creates (also prints).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Brilliant piece Saabirah, Love some of the brands – Have you heard of Diana Phiri Designs or Street Greets? They are great brands as well. I’ll be looking at Bespoke Binny 🙂 Thank you for the post!


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