“Stop highlighting our differences”

Ignoring differences because we all bleed the same has created the tension and confusion we see today. We are already living a life that is a result of this “I don’t see colour” mindset. The uncomfortability comes from people pointing this out and calling for change.


Details: Earrings – Jumpsuit
Photographer: Whitney Abigail

Existing in a world that refuses to face the issue, due to whatever issues you may have with admitting to contributing to an obsessive system, is something many have become tired of. We no longer want generations after us to live in a world that tells us that “it’s not a race thing” and that “you just have to work hard“. As if equal opportunities are always given to those who always deserve it and that racial biases play no part in the decision making process.

I really want to see an example of an issue being solved through it being ignored and dismissed. I don’t believe anything as damaging and destructive as racism is going to be solved by actively avoiding the topic of race.

Understanding White Privilege

We all may be one race, the human race, but that does not mean we don’t have differences. Differences make us interesting and they make us who we are. We are not ashamed of our differences, unless we have been made to feel so. The same ones telling us to stop highlighting our differences, benefit from the oppressive system, we are trying to dismantle. The same system that benefits from highlighting our differences as wrong or other.

When we have a society that is accurately represented, and our differences are celebrated and we not seen as others, then we can move forward.

Solving racism is a difficult task because a lot of people will have to let go of their ignorance, and ignorance is normally rewarded so who’s going to give that up willingly?

You are choosing to be ignorant if you believe ignoring differences and racial issues, is going to end racism.

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