After three years of blogging, I have experienced writer’s block several times and have found that one of the best ways to deal with it is to just accept it and to take the pressure off of ourselves to constantly be doing something. Which sounds really easy in theory but, if you’re anything like me and constantly feels the need to keep busy then you will find it difficult. When I say accept it I don’t really mean to stop writing, I just mean take time to put your energy into other things, attend events, network, do what you enjoy doing, read, binge watch your favourite shows.

Recently attended an event where poet @kojostein quotes Erykah Badu on her take on writer’s block.

Don’t worry when you have no content to express the emotion you are feeling. It’s not writer’s block. It’s just downloading time.

Which made so much sense to me, the idea of uploading and downloading time, makes me feel a lot better about the presence of writer’s block.

3 Things to do When Writer’s Block Presents Itself:

1. Take a Break

I recently took a long break from writing to focus on a little bit of rebranding and I just couldn’t think of anything to really write about so instead of forcing it and stressing myself out, I took time away from writing to focus on what I wanted to achieve with my platform, I spent time focusing on my Why.

I noticed that when I was on my break I was constantly writing notes in my phone, future blog post ideas and I even wrote a full post on a train journey just because it came to me and flowed.

Sometimes your brain just needs time to rest and sometimes the ideas you have been searching for appear. This won’t always happen but it’s important to take a break so whether it’s due to writer’s block or pure exhaustion, take that break.

2. Speak to your People’s

I said to my sister the other day like I’m some type of social media wiz that “everything that is provided on social media is no accident, use it and take advantage of everything“. I was referring to the tools and updates that social media sites continue to bring out. Instagram and Twitter have provided a poll option, so we should use it to the best of our ability.

Ask your audience what they want to see more or less of. I have found that it works well to simplify the options, making generalized questions don’t always get the response you want. Make your questions short and straight to the point. You can always elaborate on the answers, use your social’s to gain the information you need.

3. Research, Brainstorm & Plan

I find this really hard to do sometimes, I am quite a spontaneous writer so I don’t normally plan content around certain days, events, seasons e.g. national doughnut day (a really random example but you get the idea).

This is useful for some and others may only find useful for specific days. If you are a travel blogger it may be good to know certain days that are celebrated around the world and you can create content around that.

Once you have researched specific events, days and celebrations you can begin to brainstorm some ideas around that and then plan what to post and when to post it.

I really hope this post is useful to any writer’s or content creators out there. I have focused on writing because that normally starts up the creativity for others forms of content creating for me, one post could lead to a video, podcast etc.

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