When it comes to authenticity, health concerns and the fact that the natural hair community contuines to grow, I think it’s important to talk about this especially as we have seen black owned businesses make great progress in the past few years with products that tend to be a lot more reliable health wise and authentic with their concerns for Afro textured hair.

This post was inspired by one of my favorite Black Owned natural hair brands – Bourn Beautiful Naturals recent Instagram post.


I have become a lot more picky with the choice of products I use. As much as it is fun to be in on the new brands that arise with hidden promises to cater for natural hair, I wonder what is really behind the wave of “curly hair ranges” especially by big brands.

Yes we have been seeking inclusion and more of a variety when it comes to products suited to natural hair, especially for our type 4 brothers and sisters. However the ingredients used and the well-being of those using and creating these products should be just as important as the rise in representation.

It’s all good and well being represented and catered for but if it is done purely for profit and at the expense of our health, can we really celebrate the increase in curly hair ranges

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Just a few weeks Into the new year and we have already seen Rachael and Joycelyn Founders of Afrocenchix win the We Work Global Creative Award and Jameila founder of Treasure Tress featured in Forbes. I believe this is only the beginning for black women within the beauty and natural hair industry this year, we will be seeing many more black Women challenge the industries we rarely see ourselves in and provide us with the care and products we deserve.


Should We Trust New Natural Hair Brands?

We are not going to write off every brand that supplies us with a vegan, sulphate free, paraben free, silicone free, natural hair care range, but are we going to approach with caution? Hell yeah!!

We want is products and brands that we can back 100%, ones that won’t turn on us in a matter of months when the next hot new tread arrives.

All we ask for products that work well in our hair due to a better understanding of our hair and with a great amount of research and care. Brands that care for our well-being and health, brands that are consistent in their message and consistent with their mission to create for those who haven’t been catered for.


If these big brands decide to cater to our natural hair needs, it is important they observe the black owned businesses already in the business, observe the brands who have arrived and then been dismissed by the community for it’s lack of knowledge, authenticity and dedication to it’s core audience.

It is also important that we the customers take more care in our choices, like I said before it is fun to take part in the new ranges of products, but be aware of what the brand and its products claim, be aware of what it is you and your hair actually needs. Not all natural hair products that claim to be vegan are good. Be informed and educated.

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4 thoughts on “Should We Trust New Natural Hair Care Brands?

  1. Damn I didn’t know corporations where exploiting the natural hair movement but I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s definitely the time to keep empowering smaller black owned brands!

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