It’s February which really only means one thing, love is in the air. There’s one significant day this month that gets the most attention, Valentine’s Day.

Last year I dedicated the month to self-care, looking after yourself during the month of love. This year I was going to do a black owned Valentine’s Day gift guide, however I thought I’d carry on with the theme of self-love and create a gift guide for you to treat yourself. You can still use this for inspiration to purchase or create something for your significant other.

Nude Underwear

Nubian Skin have created a true nude line of lingerie and hosiery for women of colour. A business that understands the variety of shades we come in and have catered to our needs by providing us with beautifully made items.

Sugaring & Brows

New vegan friendly, brow and sugaring studio has just opened up in Hackney. Ejiro Studio opened it’s doors earlier this year creating an experience for both men and women to receive hair removal treatments with a natural sugar based paste.

>> The Run Up To Valentines Day <<

Nails Did!

Treated myself for Christmas with Christmas Sorrel from Curlture’s collaboration with Hay London. I forgot how therapeutic it is to sit and do my nails, I also forgot how difficult it is for me to sit still for long enough. Vegan and cruelty free brand Hay London have a wide collection of shades to choose from that compliment our skin tone. (This collection is no longer available and the business has rebranded).

Join the Sisterhood

A shameless plug, I have created a space for the everyday black womxn to encourage and empower each other throughout our healing, self-care and self discovery journeys. Everyday Queens launches on Valentine’s day as a gift from me to you.

>> Staying Single is My Way of Practicing Self Care <<

The Curve Catwalk

The Curve Catwalk is the Uk’s first space created for curvy, plus sized women to enjoy dancing. They now have a class every Wednesday and Thursday, in Central London and South London.

Treat yourself, because we all deserve to feel special regardless of our relationship status. I hope this post encourages you to think about ways of making yourself feel good during this month of love. Take time out for yourself, if you need to separate yourself from social media during this time, do so.

5 thoughts on “5 Ways to Treat Yourself on Valentine’s Day

  1. Yeasss! Have you done a review on Nude underwear yet? I wondering if they cater to all sizes and all type of body shape.
    Everyday Queens looks amazing, obviously going to support that fully.
    Actually, every business you mentioned here, deserves a look at. Thank you.

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