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In light of the recent ‘Twerk’ video and in the age of the Me Too Movement, everybody is discussing women’s empowerment; what it means, what it looks like, why it’s needed and everything in between.

After having a conversation with my mum, once she had watched five minutes of the video, I explained why videos like these don’t phase me.


Not only did I not really enjoy the video mainly because I believe I was not the target audience for said video, but the video did make me question the way it shapes our views on women’s bodies.

We are all aware that women’s bodies are constantly made to feel like they are everyone’s business but our own to discuss, analyze and control. So in this case it is no different, everyone is ready to now debate on what women should and shouldn’t be doing.

After some thought I explained to my mum that I was not phased by it, It was all a production, there was a set, cameras, choreography, lights and maybe even light refreshments in between takes. It’s not real, it’s real in a sense that women pole dance, strip and twerk whenever they please. But the fact that it’s a video for the sole purpose of visual entertainment makes me worry more for those watching it then the ones being filmed.


Well because those who are watching and easily lead have not established who they are. If we lived in a world that encouraged self discovery and truly understanding ourselves we would not fear the constant talk of “encouraging others”. Don’t get me wrong I’m not immune to influence and comparison, I still have days when I wonder if I should be doing something based on what someone else is doing. However I know there are things that I have established I won’t be doing, because it’s just not me.

Hence why the video didn’t phase me, women’s empowerment is all about choice, society has shaped, defined and controlled the way we see ourselves. Women’s empowerment allows us to shape, define and control our own narrative. With that being said women choosing to video themselves in ways that some see as inappropriate is completely up to them.

If society praised individuality we would not be having these conversations, instead society favors a couple of unique individuals, but the majority must follow the crowd otherwise everyone gets uncomfortable.

There is a lot of pressure from all angles for women to be “sexy, respectable, independent, submissive, nurturing” the list truly goes on. This makes it quite hard to navigate in this world that has already made up its mind on what it means to be a woman. Making the conscious choice to tune out the nonsense and figure out who you truly are is a process we should be teaching women and men to be honest.

I say all of this to say, choose…

Choose who you want to be, choose because it is you making those choices, not others, choose because individuality is self acceptance.

I was recently interviewed by Anisa for her new podcast The Sister Space – you can listen to my interview here. Also we did another episode speaking on respecting ourselves.

3 thoughts on “Women’s Empowerment is About Choice

  1. Amazing post once again! You’ve summer it up perfectly- “Women’s empowerment allows us to shape, define and control our own narrative.” Like you said it society valued individuality then people wouldn’t do such things which are harmful to them (I.e Changing their bodies etc). We have to make sense to encourage people to be themselves whilst respecting their right to choose how they live their life. 💜


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