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I have yet to share details on how I care for my natural hair at night. I try to make things as simple as possible. If you’re anything like me and normally wait till you can’t keep your eyes open any longer to do your hair for bed, then I hope this post is useful.

OBIKA Textiles is an environmentally conscious homeware brand inspired by Africa. OBIKA Textiles shop has a beautiful range of items from prints to plant covers. I was first introduced to Pamela’s Homeware collection OBIKA Textiles when I worked at Moor Hair.


How I Prep My Hair for Bed

For any high porosity naturals, it’s even more important for you to keep your hair moisturised and hydrated during the time you sleep. It will keep your hair moisturised for longer, and your hair will thank you for it.

This process is the same for both wash day and in between wash days. The only difference is in how I style my hair depending on what I’ll be doing with it the next day or next few days.

If I have just washed my hair then I use the LCO method to insure I lock in all the moisture. I always try to work on damp hair, using a light leave in, a heavier cream and then an oil.

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I pick which products I want to mix depending on what I want. If I plan to keep my hair braided then I use heavier products, to ensure my air doesn’t dry out. I prefer lighter products if I plan on wearing it in a puff or afro so that I can add to it a few days into the style.

Once my hair is all moisturised I go straight into styling, if I am going to wear my hair out I tend to big chunky braids to stretch my hair out and it helps to keep your hair from frizzing and getting tangled. Plus it will give you some definition and texture.


Benefits of a Silk Pillowcase

You may already know the benefits to sleeping with a silk pillowcase. The fact that I don’t have to worry about my bonnets or headscarf coming off in the middle of the night is a major benefit for me. It also has benefits to the skin as well, as the material allows your skin to breathe, so we can glow all year round.


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A few benefits:

Reduces breakage – The slippery material allows your hair to move freely, causing less friction which reduces the level of breakage that is usually caused by friction.

Reduces hair loss – Because of the point above and the fact that it helps to retain the moisture in your hair, your hair is at a lower risk of loss.

Less frizz – The silk material helps to reduce the amount of frizz you get. Allowing you to maintain your styles for longer.

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