After my Battle Of The Leave-in-Conditioners post went down well, I wanted to do some more posts on comparing natural hair products. I put together my thought’s on three of the co washes in my current collection.

What Is A Co-Wash?

Firstly we should get into what a Co-wash is as I wasn’t sure what it was before entering the natural hair community. Initially I was told it is a wash only using a rinse out conditioner, however a rinse-out conditioner has no cleaning properties, so I wouldn’t advise anyone to do this.

A Co Wash is a conditioning wash, created to quickly and effectively refresh you’re in between wash days without stripping your hair of its natural oils.

Why Co-Wash?

Co-washes are great for those that are into a lot of sport or participate in a lot of activities that encourage buildup and sweat. If you’re someone who swims or works out frequently,  co washes were made for you. If like me you do not work out often or participate in any activities that warrant an early wash day, then I would say that for us co-washes would probably work better in the hotter months, as we tend to sweat more and do not want to wash our hair every day.

Battle of the: Co-Washes

A few things to note before I get into my thoughts on the co-washes; I have fine/thin, low porosity hair – This may determine if we will have similar results or not. Also this is all based on first impressions.

As I Am Long and Luxe Gro Wash


Nice thick consistency, really easy to use, smells great, and it definitely cleansed my hair well. However It left my hair feeling a little squeaky clean  and I didn’t really feel like It added anything to my hair.

Final Thoughts: Maybe this is one for a thicker texture, for me it wasn’t a favourite it just cleaned my hair and left my hair smelling good. I think I had high hopes for this as their core range co-wash has had so many great reviews.

Rating out of 5: 3/5 Again not my favourite out of them all but definitely a nice product to have in my collection.

Aunt Jackies Moisturisng Co-Wash


I would definitely say I was most excited to try this conditioning cleanser, as I have only tried one or two samples from the Aunt Jackies range.

Initially loved the scent of this co-wash. I finger detangled with the co-wash in my hair, then used a brush to further detangle. Then I massaged my scalp to help lift the dirt and buildup off my scalp then rinsed it out thoroughly – I only used it once during this wash and did deep condition afterwards as advised.

Final Thoughts: Really easy to use, and it worked well in my hair. Did leave my hair feeling squeaky clean, which I have been told is not a great sign, but other than that I had a good experience with Aunt Jackie’s Co-Wash.

Rating out of 5: 3/5 – Even though it cleaned my hair well, and left it smelling good, it was not my favourite out of the three.

Activilong Paris Castor Oil Co Wash


I used this two days before wash day as I was experiencing some itching and buildup, but really didn’t have the time to do a full wash day so I tried Activilong Paris Co-Wash.

I shouldn’t have been shocked by the results really, the rest of the range had my hair feeling amazing, super moisturized and healthy.

After applying the cleanser to my hair, then detangling I left it in for approximately two-three minutes – It suggests leaving it in for two to five minutes, next time I’ll do the full five minutes for better results.

Final Thoughts: Scalp and hair felt clean with no irritation to the scalp (only a tingling sensation when applied to the scalp but nothing uncomfortable) and my hair didn’t feel dry and thirsty afterwards.

Rating out of 5: 5/5 – l would definitely recommend this co-wash to someone new to co-washing. It’s gentle, cleansing and smells amazing just like the rest of the range.

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