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Herbs have been used for centuries to naturally soften hair, increase its manageability and restore luster, body and bounce.” – Nylah

After using Nylah’s grow blend last year I wanted to get into the benefits and how it could fit into your wash day routine.

What Is A Herbal Hair Rinse?

Firstly let’s get into what a Herbal Hair Tea Rinse is.

A tea rinse is a combination of herbs and essential oils that create a healthy brew for our hair. These herbs and essential oils can be used to help stimulate growth, detox the hair and scalp, condition and soften the hair and can be used as a gentle scalp cleanse.

The Ingredients & It’s Benefits

My favorite thing about the growth blend was the scent and how fresh and clean my scalp felt afterward using it. I found the stronger blend I made the second time round worked better on my scalp as it gave more of a tingling sensation due to the peppermint and it left my scalp feeling really clean and fresh without my hair feeling stripped.

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The Growth blend contains: Rosemary, Peppermint, Nettle and Horsetail. The Ingredients in this blend nourishes the hair and stimulates the scalp, helping to reduce the amount of shedding and improves the overall health of the hair.

The Condition blend contains: Burdock Root, Chamomile, Hibiscus, Lavender and Marshmallow Root. The Ingredients in the Condition blend help to condition and soften the hair, which results in a reduced amount of  tangles and knots, perfect for those with thicker, tangle prone hair.

Should Herbal Hair Tea Rinse Become Part Of Your Wash Day Routine?


It’s always good to give our hair a break from the products we use. Whether we use sulphate free products or not, it’s good to switch it up and incorporate some natural and gentle ingredients into your wash day routine.

I would suggest using it in between a washday just to refresh and gently cleanse your hair. It’s an alternative to a co-wash or a shampoo cleanse.

As it is a gentle cleanse I wouldn’t recommend it for those who may be prone to heavy buildup or those who use heavy products or lots of product. It’s not created to give your hair the same cleanse a shampoo would, it’s more of a gentle pre-wash day alternative.

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