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An update on a few new products I have tried over the past couple of days, weeks and months. If you’re curious to know my thoughts on a few of the products I have been trying out lately then keep reading.

Palmer’s Natural Fusions

Mallow Root Leave – In Conditioner 

As I have fine, low porosity hair, I have found that Palmer’s water based leave in conditioner sprays work really well for my hair. Easy to pick up to detangle my hair and for a quick refresh, when it needs a little something something.

I love how light the consistency is, my hair always feels light and not weighed down. I normally use the leave in sprays after I have washed my hair and need something in it whilst it air dries. It just stops it from getting dry and it makes my hair easier to detangle when I get to styling

1554200584863_Untitled Design

Chia Seed & Argan Oil Deep Conditioner

This pack was more than enough for my whole head, I could have squeezed two uses out of it if I wanted to.

I was a little sceptical about the deep conditioner, as I have tried the coconut one in the past and although it was good, I definitely have a few deep conditioners in my collection that I preferred.

I loved the smell running through this deep conditioner, and I really liked how it worked in my hair. My hair felt super soft and moisturised afterwards. Also the curl pattern I got after I washed it out was amazing, I just wish my hair would do that with product in it.

Bourn Beautiful Naturals

1554200586154_Untitled Design

Curl Crush Flaxseed & Marshmallow Gel

I recently got sent a sample of Bourn Beautiful Naturals new curling gel. I’m not a big gel fan, but as I recently cut my hair I am really making the most of the short length and using a lot more curly hair products.

Kydian did a good job with this one! It helps to know it’s all natural and hand made, I feel a lot more comfortable using it in my hair.

It worked great for my hair, both for styling and to slick down my hair, especially with a little water and oil and of course a satin scarf. There was a slight cast left on the hair, but nothing as harsh as any other gel, plus you can loosen up the hair easily with a little water or oil.


Super Seeds Hair Oil

This hair oil makes my hair feel moisturised for longer and keeps my hair feeling smooth. Smells so natural and isn’t too heavy, but works amazingly well as a sealant. I typically use it when I do braid out’s to achieve smooth, soft and light curls.

1554200583795_Untitled Design

Super seeds is the right name for it as it contains 11 amazing oils including; Apricot, Macadamia, Argan, Hemp Seed, Passionfruit, Vitamin E, Grapefruit and Castor Oil.

Flora & Curl

*Curl Refresh Clay wash

I have used this clay wash twice now and the second time I had better results. When I first used it I was left with some buildup on my hair, so the second time around I made sure I rinsed my hair with some warm water before applying the clay.

Untitled Design

I love the gentle scent, also there is a huge amount of product so it will last for ages, you only use two spoon of the clay wash per wash. Overall the wash works well, left my hair feeling clean, really soft and my hair just looked healthy as well, the definition I got after rinsing it out is very similar to when I deep condition. My only concern was the white bits on my hair, but I think it was just left over product, which disappeared once I added the Palmer’s Natural Fusions Mallow Root Leave-in Conditioner and Bourn Beautiful Naturals Hair Too Balm.

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