When the snows fall and the white winds blow the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.

If you’re familiar with my journey you will know I started my blog four years ago in order to share my thoughts on race and injustice. This lead me to then find my voice and write about a variety of other topics ranging from my natural hair journey, wellness/mental health and empowerment pieces.

My blogging journey and my focus on empowering the black community has led me to discover a passion for supporting black owned businesses, specifically businesses within the UK. Over the last few years I have made a conscious effort to support black owned businesses throughout my blog and social media platforms. As I’m passionate about the mobility and success of the black community.

Supporting Black Owned Businesses

My passion for supporting black owned businesses started young, growing up I was surrounded by black people, who stressed the importance of supporting each other. When I got older and learnt more about the way the relationship between the black community it’s spending habits and became even more interested in how I can make a small and important change to my lifestyle in order to create more opportunities for the community. As much as money may seem materialistic, I The right hands and with the right intentions it contribute to creating opportunities, that can improve the community.

You can read reviews, event summaries and a variety of other post that focus on supporting the black community here.

25 Before I Turn 25

I wanted to get in on the 25 before 25 challenges. It is a challenge where people give themselves some time before they turn a certain age to achieve the same number of goals or tasks related to their age. I wanted to combine my passion for supporting black owned businesses with this fun challenge.

The run up to my 25th Birthday on 2nd August will be for me to support 25 Black Owned businesses I have yet to support. This will include attending events, product reviews and recommendations. I will be sharing my discoveries here on my blog and my social platforms using the #25BOBxSaabirah.

I would love to have you get involved as well! You can also check in on the hashtag to see what’s new within the black community and it can be used as a quick and easy directory. Also if you’re a black business owner who may want to get your business seen, this is also a great opportunity to do that. I will be sharing the hashtag as well and if you have discovered any businesses that you feel need more love and attention please do use the hashtag and you can tag me on Instagram as well (@saabirahlawrence), links to my other social platforms can be found below.

Before starting this challenge I have supported 69 black owned businesses this includes businesses outside of the UK. Let’s see if I can make it to 94 by the end of this challenge and hopefully I can hit 100 by the end of August!

Untitled Design

Follow suggestions:

A few people who have inspired me to make purchases and have helped me discover more black owned businesses.

Curlture – Created by Jay & Tri, combined they have actively supported over 100 black owned businesses through their award winning empowerment platform: The Shea disrespect: 29 British, Black Owned, Hair Care Brands to support

@Curlygalchlo  – Chloé the UK BOB plug true to her name, has dedicated her Instagram to sharing her black owned businesses discoveries as well as her healthy natural hair journey: #Chloweeklyroundup gives us the low down on what’s happening within the BOB community.

Janet’s List – An online store filled with brands by Women of Colour: Making Money Moves Podcast a podcast by Janet’s List, hosted by Janet Oganah and Adonica Simmons. The podcast focuses on money, mindset, building a business and diversity.

Hair Popp – Birmingham based Natural/Curly hair online store founded by DominiqueAfro Hair Subscription Boxes, UK Black Owned [hair products]

Dafroambiance – A blog created by Damilola, dedicated  to celebrating black men and black owned businesses : 5 Ways To Find a Black Owned Business

Jamii – A discount card created to be used to support a variety of black owned businesses, founded by Khalia:  Entrepreneur Business Resources Raising & Managing Money for your Black-Owned Business – Everything you need to know (Money Matters insights)

@Ebony_Natural_Curls – Natural hair enthusiast and all round lovely person, Lynette shares her natural hair journey since her big chop in 2015 on Instagram.

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