I won’t be attending the big hair events this year, as I have no self control and know I will not be able to walk out of their without bags full of natural hair products I don’t even need. So to preserve my bank account and to practice some much needed self discipline I have decided to sit this one out this year. All jokes aside I do need to get through the products I already have, before buying anymore.

This did get me thinking about my experiences so far attending both Curly Treats Festival & Afro Hair & Beauty Live and what Information I could share for anyone who is new or retuning, and is wanting to get the most out of the day(s).

Depending on why you’re attending will control how your day(s) go. If you’re looking to restock on hair products, network, discover something new, listen to some inspiring and insightful talks, or if you simply just want to see what all talk is about then this post is for you.

Tickets & further details:

Curly Treats – Saturday 27th July

Afro Hair & Beauty Live – Sunday 26th May – Monday 27th May

Hopefully one or more of these five tips will allow you to make the most out of your hair event experience.

Establish Your Why!

My first time attending each event was due to curiosity and content. I was able to get some great insight into the natural hair community, see what natural hair products were available and I could create some great content.

Once you know why you’re going it will be much easier to figure out what you want out of the experience. At the end of the day what do you want to have accomplished? If you know why you’re going you can make the day a little smoother, as you can imagine it can get busy.

Do Your Research

Sometimes you might need to book a place for talks and workshops, have a look to see if there are any you want to attend. This way you can book with enough time and get to experience all that is available.

Get familiar with what brands will be there. This will help when it comes to browsing and buying. You may want to know more about a specific product or brand this is the perfect time to bring your questions and you can set a budget for yourself.

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Afro Hair Beauty Live // Palmer’s Stand w/ @AbbieCurls

Browse Then Buy

Take time to walk around the space, see what is on offer and you can get a good idea of prices as well. This also stops you from impulse buying.

When you’re not buying or sitting for a talk/workshop,  browsing time can be the opportunity to mingle and network. You may see your favourite beauty influencers or maybe you just like to meet new people.

Be Present

Being in a space surrounded by black people can be such a refreshing and positive experience, embrace it. Speak to someone new, make some friends, make some connections. Ask questions as well, you will see a variety of amazing hair style, headwrap styles, makeup looks, ask what they used, what their socials are, connect.

10 thoughts on “4 Ways to Get The Most Out of Any Natural Hair Event

  1. Hey Girl
    Great post.
    I recently signed up to treasure tress and I absolutely love it. I have been natural all my life, but mainly wear protective styles. I love my hair but I don’t play around with it as much as I should.
    I am keen on going to Curly treats in July because it looks great. But this post has actually made me think about my purpose for going properly.

    Jenna x


  2. I haven’t been to a natural event here yet, but I think I would like to go to one next year. This post is really helpful and I usually to go to events with a purpose if it’s business related but I haven’t really thought about doing that for something that’s a bit more “fun”. I especially stand by the idea of browsing and weighing out options first before browsing.


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