How Is It Going?

This was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Before starting this challenge I did have a list of businesses I wanted to support, there wasn’t many but it was a start. I thought as time went on I would find more black owned businesses to support, which to some extent that did happen. However there was a lot more I needed to do in order to find the BOBs I wanted to support.

Creating Content

The early planning stages did include, looking at what content I could create and how I could incorporate BOBs into that. I wanted to create content not only for those who are looking for BOBS, but also for any bloggers and content creators who are also looking to incorporate more BOBS into their content. I get really passionate about bringing bloggers like myself and BOBs together.

I haven’t done much natural hair related content in a while, so that was something I was thinking about incorporating into this challenge as well. I was just conscious of not end up with a bunch of hair products I didn’t need. I already have quite a collection and I’m currently trying to use up what I have, not add to it.

So what black owned businesses have I discovered already?

Considering there is only a month left, I really to need step my game up, in hindsight I would have given myself more time, but here we are.

You can follow my hashtag to see how I am doing as well: #25BOBxSaabirah

I was also bigged up one one of my favourite podcasts – Adzvice Podcast. Please give it a listen as they answer their listeners questions on relationships, life after uni and other great topics. Big on giving people their flowers whilst they can still smell them, Bonita chose to give her flowers to me for my general growth as a content creator  and my growth in confidence. I really appreciated them shouting me out, mad love for the Adzvice crew for the continued support and encouragement.

6 thoughts on “Supporting 25 BOBs Before I Turn 25: An Update

    1. Great post. It’s a tough one be honest. First of all, when are you 25?

      If it’s after October? The Ukbbshow may be a good starting point to find some businesses.

      I feel like this year the number of BOB where you can buy physical products has plateaued a bit. However, the number of black groups providing entertainment and valuable experiences have soured. I think you should include this as part of your 25 list. I know you went to 3 Shots of Tequila – to me that’s marks as one. Lol (yeas, I’ve been watching you loool)

      The Photoshop experience with the yellow blazer….hello you supported and your pictures were the product. Tell us your experience building up to that occasion.

      Also black authors. Aren’t authors their own business, self employed? Review a book as part of 25.

      I hope this helps.

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      1. You’re hired!! Why didn’t I think of the 3 shots show and being styled! Okay I’m going to work on this thank you so much! My 25th is on August 2nd so not that long but I’m hoping to attending a few events before then and I have a few reviews coming. 🧡

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      2. It’s a minor. Lastly, you know your next move is to do an event of your own right? You’ve literally done everything else.


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