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I am turning 25 in August and I thought writing this post would be a great way to enter that chapter of my life. As someone who can get caught up in the past and what could have been. I decided to speak to my future self, instead of my younger self. This will give me something to look back on when I need it. This is just some of the things I need to hear, but sometimes struggle to say out loud.

On this journey of self-discovery and self-love, I have really found that my biggest struggle is a lack of care for myself. I became comfortable looking away from myself and existing without investing in myself. I want this post to encourage not only myself, but others to take that time to speak their achievements and greatness into existence and make sure it’s louder than that negative voice we sometimes hear.

Here are 25 things I will continue to tell my future self:

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1. Don’t lose that curiosity, continue to learn about yourself and share those moments.

2. You’re not too much or too little of anything, just as you are, you’re enough.

3. Keep smiling, keep laughing!

4. Keep writing, don’t you dare stop.

5. You deserve kindness, from others and from yourself.

6. Embrace the feelings and emotions within you, continue to use them to write pieces that move people.

7. What was your initial thought, before the overthinking started? Stick with the first thought you had. The second voice is a hater.

8. Stay passionate.

9. Be intentional with everything that you do, it doesn’t have to be something big, but do it with intention.

10. You’re loved, remember that.

11. Sometimes you have to create the opportunity for yourself, you cannot always wait for opportunities to find you.

12. You’re more than your mental health.

13. You’re confident, you may not always see it but you’re constantly growing in confidence.

14. I am so proud of all that you have and will continue to achieve.

15. Everything you want is obtainable.

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16. Time for yourself is never time wasted, even when you’re not doing anything.

17. The good things people say about you aren’t lies, learn to believe it and speak on it.

18. You deserve all that you’re receiving now and deserve all that is coming.

19. Learn to let go more often.

20. Please communicate how you’re feeling, nobody knows what’s going on in your head and never will if you don’t communicate it.

21. That honesty with yourself and others that you’re practising, keep that same energy.

22. You do not, I repeat do not have to carry everyone, that isn’t your job.

23. Remember you first, everything else after.

24. Pay attention to the things that bring you peace, and continue to put yourself in those spaces.

25. You’re not taking up space, you deserve to be where you are.

I hope this blog post encourages you to see your greatness and speak more positively about yourself. At any age and any stage of your life, it is important to value yourself and know just how amazing you are.

4 thoughts on “25 Things I Will Continue To Tell Myself & You Should Too

  1. It is so important to show yourself love, and the self love you hold is palpable in this post 🙂 I am writing some of these down to create a beautiful list of affirmations for myself 💚 Thank you!

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