*I was gifted this discovery box by Molewa Skincare. As always my thoughts are my own. You can read my disclaimer for more information on my gifting policy.

Following on from my last skincare post, I am going to share my thoughts on luxury black-owned skincare brand Molewa. This is also a brand I reached out to for my black-owned businesses challenge.

Molewa Skincare

Luxury Skincare brand Molewa was originally founded in 2017 by researcher and skincare Formulator Sola. Sola began creating her own products when she needed to make some healthier lifestyle changes. Now she creates luxury, high performing natural skin and body care products for a range of skincare needs.

My formulas have a high percentage of active ingredients, because I will not compromise on ensuring that you get the most from your skincare” – Sola Founder of Molewa Skincare

What is Inside the Discovery Box?

The Discovery Box is a great way to test out the products from Molewa Skincare without committing to full sized products. The box is £20 for 6 sample sized products for your face and body, that comes with instructions on how to use each of the products.

Exfoliate Dust

This gentle exfoliate is packed with antioxidants and quality ingredients like Rice, Adzuki Beans and Argan Kernels.

I noticed a brighter Complexion soon after washing this exfoliator off of my skin. My skin felt softer and my pores were smaller after the first use.

Onyx Detox

This clay based mask is rich purifying, deep cleansing and soothing ingredients like; MSM, Charcoal, Cacao, Rhassoul, Clove and Ginger.

I do love using face masks, I just never really feel like I see much of difference after using one. I much prefer a good cleanser and Exfoliate. However I remained optimistic, I did really like how fresh and smooth my skin felt afterwards and I did feel like it helped with the access oil.

Artisan Soap

This particular black Soap is mixed with raw Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Cocoa Pods. This is going to prevent the Soap from disturbing the natural oils that are produced on the skin.

I love the way black soap makes my face look and feel. It’s a product that allows you to see results soon after using it, it softens my skin, fades dark marks and deeply cleanses my skin. I try not to use it alone as it can be a little drying, so I like to use it after an oil cleanses or after coconut oil, especially when it comes to removing my makeup.

Precious Elixir

Targeting skin cell nourishment and regeneration, this Precious Elixir is more of a skin reviver. Great for those with mature and dry skin. This elixir is a powerful combination of over 20 regenerating and indulgent botanical oils and extracts.

Since the first two times I have tried the Precious Elixir, I haven’t reached for it again. I don’t necessarily have anything bad to say about it, I just didn’t feel like something I would use often. I will say that I liked the glow it gave me due to the turmeric in it and my skin does love some Rosehip oil so no complaints, just not my favourite out of the 6 items in this box.

Body Gloss

Body Gloss is a light blend of plant, nut and seed oils, with a subtle blend of vanilla and almond. Incredibly fast absorbing, yet still highly nourishing and hydrating.

An interesting mix of sweet and fresh. I can only describe the scent as cucumber infused water, it’s really lightly scented and has a lightweight feel to it. I found that it absorbed into the skin really well.

Body Butter Bliss – Rich Sensuous

This Body Butter Bliss is a waterless, shea butter based, multi-purpose moisturiser. Specifically created to keep you hydrated and nourished throughout the day.

Definitely felt blissful when using this body Butter. From it’s creamy, smooth texture to the subtle citrus scent, my experience with this body Butter has been nothing but pleasant. I have used it on my body and on my face and would recommend it for both, especially before bed.

Final Thoughts

Overall My experience using Molewa skin care for the first time has been a positive one. I defiantly have some favourites already and I look forward to trying a few more of their products.

I always like to try products with natural ingredients as I like to minimise any irritation and skin problems as possible and so far my skin has responded well. It is important to watch how your skin responds to new products/ingredients and always do a patch test.

I would recommend trying the Discovery Box if you’re looking for something new to try, It could also be a nice gift for someone as well.

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