Too Faced Masterclass With Lala Love
Too Faced Masterclass With Lala Love

Bringing two of my passions together in this post. I am always looking for ways to support black owned businesses and include that in my content. I found that I really enjoy creating content for other bloggers, just as much as I enjoy supporting black-owned businesses, so I’ve combined the two for this blog post.

Addressing some more general ways that bloggers can work with black-owned businesses before on my blog. I thought I would share how I have recently supported some black creatives, to give you a few ideas on how to involve more black creatives into your content creating process.

3 Ways to Support Black Creatives:

Fashion Bloggers/Influencers

I had the pleasure of being styled and shot for the first time by my good friend and talented wardrobe stylist LaLa Love. As I am new to finding my style it was an amazing opportunity for me to find out what works for me, whilst simultaneously stepping outside of my comfort zone.

If you’re looking to create some looks for your blog/socials or if you just think it would be interesting to get someone else to style you, I would highly recommend my experience with LaLa.

Event Bloggers/Influencers

This summer I attended my first live podcast show and of course it had to be the legendary 3 Shots of Tequila guys. I ended up travelling to Leicester to see them as the London tickets were sold out by the time my friend and I decided to go. I was so grateful for that time to just chill with my girl and laugh the night away.

If events are your thing, you could combine this with a travel post. Like myself, you could also leave your home town, for an event and a one night staycation. It’s a good idea to talk about it, share a review of your time in said city/town, what you did, where you stayed and what you ate, everyone is always looking for somewhere to escape to.

For All Bloggers/Influencers

I have previously used a consulting service earlier on in my blogging journey to get a better idea of my strengths and weaknesses with my blog and socials. I found it very helpful, especially when it came to coming up with blog posts ideas, knowing my strengths and pitching.

I recently had a consultation with Personal Branding Coach Montelle as I really wanted some constructive feedback on my blog and socials. Montelle was both extremely helpful and honest with her feedback. I left our consultation knowing what my next steps were, what my strengths were and what changes to make and a much stronger and clearer why.

This kind of feedback and coaching is going to give many bloggers and influencers a great insight into themselves as a creative and the great things they can achieve with their platforms.

These are just 3 Ways to Support a fellow black creative, If you have any other ideas please do leave them in the comments. Don’t forget to follow my #25BOBxSaaabirah for any updates on my 25 before 25 challenge where I attempt to Support 25 Black-Owned businesses that I have yet to support before my 25th Birthday. 

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