I have dabbled with weave in the past, but I never got into the wig hype. Mainly because I just had no idea where to start, and prior to me trying weave, I had some negative views on wearing wigs. Like a lot of people, I used to see wearing wigs as an act of self-hate. I grew up natural with a mother who refused to relax my hair (not that I ever asked). Growing up I had to unlearn a few things regarding Black women’s experiences, within the hair and beauty industry.

Considering we are the biggest consumers of hair and beauty, we tend not to be the ones benefiting from it. This as well as some other factors got me into actively supporting black owned businesses.

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I have been meaning to try out some more protective styles and experiment with different colours and textures more. Especially since I have been having so much fun creating looks using my RadSwan clip In’s. I recently haven’t felt comfortable using real hair as it is not always ethically sourced and generally is just out of my price range. So when I came across La’Belló Beauty and their affordable wigs I knew I had to support the tings. I just had to decide what wig to go for.


The Black Synthetic Curly Wo‘ Wig is:

£29.99 / 22″ / Heat Resistant / Washable & Has Adjustable Straps.

Founder: @Lalaraeee

*Wigs are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged due to quality and hygiene reasons – full terms here.

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How Was It To Cut & Style?

I didn’t think about the fact that the wigs on the website had been cut and styled. So when my Wo’ Wig arrived I wondered how I was going to get it from curly perm to curly fro. After watching a few YouTube videos I felt confident that with some patience and a new pair of scissors I could get my wig to look the way I wanted to.

To get the hair bigger and the curls less defined I had to run my fingers through the hair – This is the longest part of the cut and style process, depending on how big you want the hair. I didn’t want to add any product to the hair which is why I used water, and it did make a slight difference.

Overall Experience

If I could go back I would have washed the hair first, as I could feel whatever was used to hold the curls. Which might have been the reason the detangling process took some time.

The quality is really nice considering it is synthetic. I will keep you updated on how well it washes and how it takes to products. I don’t plan on covering it in product, but maybe just some moose to keep the curls defined.

If you’re looking to try out one of La’ Belló Beauty’s wigs you can use my discount code: SAABIRAH10 for some money off of your first purchase.


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