Continuing on with the ‘Battle Of‘ series I asked you on Instagram what wanted to see next and creams/butter won. The next one will be on deep conditioners, so if you voted for deep conditioners don’t worry that is coming next month.

For those that may be new to the battle of series. I pick one product from different brands, and then compare them. This gives you an idea of what products are available, as well as my thoughts on each product. As we all have different hair types I make sure I include information on how to use the product if our hair types and needs differ.

I have previously put my collection of leave in conditioners and co washes to the test and shared my thoughts on all of them.

Why Use A Styling Cream/Butter?

I used to avoid creams and butter as I would think they were too heavy for my fine hair strands, but since learning my porosity I decided to introduce a few creams into my routine. I must say I don’t have a wide collection as this is only a recent discovery however I have previously reviewed a few creams I have already used and love. Like Afrocenchix Smooth Moisturising Cream and Activilong Paris Puff Cream.

Creams and butter tend to be heavier than Leave-in-Conditioners and may contain more oil. Leave-in-Conditioner tends to be the product you use before a cream just to work as an extra layer of moisture, especially if the leave-in-conditioner is water based.

Creams lock in more moisture and tend to absorb into the hair strands slower making your hair stay moisturized for longer. This also depends on how much moisture your hair absorbs. Twisting and braiding creams can also be used to hold styles for longer as well if you’re not a fan of gel, but still want a good amount of hold.

Battle of The: Styling Creams & Butters

*I would normally use my own images but I’ve actually finished two of the creams, so I have used images from the internet.

Eden BodyWorks – Citrus Fusion Hair + Body Butter

I received this product in one of my Curlee Boxes, with a few other Eden BodyWorks products from this Citrus Range.

Originally looking at the consistency of it I thought it was too thick and not oily enough for it to really do much for my hair. I then tried it on my hair and it worked pretty well. I think this is one for those with thicker strands as it is thick in texture.

Final Thoughts & Rating Out of 5: 3/5 – I really liked the citrus scented of the butter. I wouldn’t recommend it for the skin as it does nothing for my skin. When it comes to hair I think it did the job well. It kept my hair moisturized and I found if used lightly it wasn’t too heavy for my hair. It isn’t my go-to butter but it was nice and a great sized product.

Andre Walker – Beautiful Curls Styling Creme

One of my favourite creams as it isn’t too thick and has a subtle luxury scent to it. I tried a sample size of this product a while ago, after winning a giveaway. The whole range is 10/10, but just difficult to access here in the UK. I then bought the full size product at last year’s Treasure Tress Pop Up – Tickets for this year’s 3-Day celebration can be purchased here.

Final Thoughts & Rating Out of 5: 5/5 – I need a lifetime supply of this product! This is my go to for a twist out as the light consistency creates soft, smooth, bouncy twists. The hold is nice as well, pretty light but enough to get some great definition. I would typically use this product with just an oil, instead of the whole LCO method.

Flora & Curl – Flowers Garden Hair Butter

I really liked the texture of this butter. This has more of a cream like texture to it, but melts into a smooth oily texture once applied to the hair.

I applied this to soaking wet hair after I applied a light leave-in conditioner, then finished with an oil. I used this to braid my hair for work for the week. I took the braids out on day four, which left me with soft and moistured curls.

Final Thoughts & Rating Out of 5: 5/5 – My experience with this butter has been good, the fresh floral scent is lovely as well. I think this is a great consistency for those who prefer to do braided/twisted hairstyles that will be kept in for a few days.

What are your favourite styling creams and butter’s to use?

3 thoughts on “Battle of The: Styling Creams/Butters

  1. Sis I just discovered I have high porosity hair and I like to use Shea butter or Grapeseed oil with castor oil to lock in all that moisture after washing my hair. However I do want a styling cream to achieve lustrous twist/braidouts. I can’t wait to see view these product suggestions in more detail. I hope none contain coconut oil👀🥥🚫

    Natonya |


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