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Black History Month always highlights the importance of the black communities movements. In recent years there has been great conversations and initiatives around black people getting a seat at the table, creating their own table and when necessary removing the legs of tables that no longer see us.

Although there is still a long way to go as we already know. The progress that has been made so far has been amazing to witness. Cultural and historical shifts are being made every day.

Black History Month This Year Has Been A Quiet One, Why?

During black history, there is a heavy focus on black British professionals, as well as the black British experience. We get so see different stories being told, discover black-owned businesses, new events and black individuals doing great things within the community.

As much as the support around this month is a step in the right direction. Black celebration and black visibility in general, in the UK, has always had it’s highs and lows. We tend to see the attention around black British individuals come to a halt once the month is over. There are many possible reasons for this, I believe it could be due to there not being a clear idea of what can be done to keep the momentum going.

The rinse in black individuals opting for a freelance lifestyle has opened up the conversations around black individuals not being paid and being underpaid. This year we saw a few people remind companies and organisations to reframe for asking black people to work for free during Black History Month. This may have been another reason for the radio silence this year.

4 Ways To Support The Black Community Throughout The Year:

Buy Black

Continuing to increase the black pound and the black business industry, supporting black owned businesses is one of the easiest ways to support the community. Services like; Jamii, The Kol Social, Hair Popp, UK Black Owned Businesses, Detangled Hair and Buy Black Global are great places to head to if you’re looking for a specific product or service within the community – *If you are interested in purchasing a Jamii discount card you can get 15% off of your Jamii card using my code: SAABIRAH


The sharing of skills and knowledge within the community is something I strongly believe is essential to the growth of our community, both financially and professionally. I have previously spoken about skill sharing in the context of black-owned businesses and bloggers working together. Big time BOB supporter CurlyGalChlo continues to demonstrate how to build relationships within the community that can form mutually beneficial opportunities.

Engage and Share

With the way that social platforms like Instagram work, it is important to engage and share throughout the app. Not only is it a free way to support the community, but it also gives us a better chance of being informed and included in community activities. An informed and involved community is a powerful community.

Offline Support

Online support is great however, we cannot forget the importance of offline support. Attending events, workshops, pop-ups etc creates the space for conversations to be had offline, it also gives us the opportunity to create specific, safe spaces for underrepresented individuals within the black community.


Black Girl Festival, works hard to bridge the gap between organises/companies and the black community. They work closely with the NHS blood donation to create that safe space for black individuals to be informed and to take part in donating blood. Targeting the low numbers of black blood donors in a way that doesn’t have to feel clinical and uncomfortable.

I hope this post makes it easier for us to support the community. Share this post so others can feel informed and involved in the conversations we are having and the moves we are making.


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