I have recently started to incorporate more fashion and self shots into my content. I wanted to share how I go about this when I don’t have a photographer or sibling around. Nothing beats a perfect location and a great photographer who can put you at ease, make you feel comfortable and confident. However, there are a few things you can do and use when taking your own images that will give you similar results.

If You are going to take on a solo photoshoot, there are three things you will need; the right equipment is essential, preparation and confidence are equally important.

3 Thing You Need To Take Your Own Images:

Preparation & Practice Is Key

Before you hit the streets or desired Location, you will need to do some prep work. A few things you should do before you even set up your camera:

  • Pick a location – Have a second location in mind just incase
  • Check peak and non-peak times
  • Check the Weather forecast – If you are shooting outside 
  • Identify what shots you want and how you want the images to look
  •  Practice your angles and poses

I didn’t realise how important this preparation time was until I awkwardly tried to take photos at 5 pm when everyone was leaving work.

I am constantly inspired by the images I see on Instagram and Pinterest. Save looks and create boards that you can come back to so that you can put together interesting photoshoots. Having an idea of what you want the shoot to look like will determine your location and from there you will know if the weather conditions and the time will be something to consider.

Knowing your angles takes practice, I found that having people photograph me helped, especially when it comes to switching things up and trying different looks. We get used to our poses and angles, a different perceptive can encourage you to discover some more poses and angles that are just as flattering and interesting. Practice using a mirror behind the camera. This works well for those who don’t always use their front facing camera or for those who don’t have a camera with a screen.


I would be lying if I said shooting solo doesn’t require some level of confidence. This is not to deter anyone away from trying this, I just think it’s important to note that standing In the street wondering if people are watching you from their windows is something that crosses my mind every time I step out to shot. When you have a photographer it is easier to distract yourself and focus on the person behind the camera. When it is just you and your tripod it can be uncomfortable.

A few things that may help:

  • Find a focus point for example, look at the tree in front of you. Blocking out your surroundings will serve you well.
  • Shoot during non-peak times, when everyone is either at work or in a classroom you can take your images without having to worry about people in your shot or people putting you off.
  • Count down before striking a pose, count down from 3 before taking the photo. It is difficult to overthink and count in your head all at the same time, so the counting works as a great distraction.


I take all of my pictures for my blog using my iPhone but recently added a few gadgets to take my photography to new levels. I actually broke the tripod just days before my trip to Manchester, so I had the buy a new one when I was out there. If you’re not incredibly clumsy like myself then I would recommend this tripod that comes with a remote and everything thing else you will need to take pictures with your phone and it was only £9.

If You’re looking for a better quality tripod I would recommend the one I am using now, which was £20. This tripod doesn’t come with the attachment to hold your phone or a blue tooth remote will be sending a little extra for the extra items.

If you do not have a tripod, use your surrounding or maybe even your bag to hold up your camera.

I hope these tips are helpful if have any questions do leave them in comments.

For travel creator have a read of Wanderlust Calls – TEN TIPS FOR TAKING AMAZING PICTURES ON YOUR SOLO TRIP.

Content Creators may want to watch this video: Cup of TJHow to Take Solo Travel Photos With Your Phone – 7 Simple Steps!


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2 thoughts on “3 Photography Essentials For Content Creators Who Take Their Own Images

  1. I’ve never thought to shoot myself outside my house. I’m so awkward with other people shooting me, I need to get used to that too. The photos you took of. Yourself came out great!


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