*I was invited to Janet’s List, for details on my gifting policy read my disclaimer.

Each year Janet the founder of Janet’s List puts together a shop during the festive season to provide a unique shopping experience for customers to purchase some of their favourite brand’s products and to discover some new brands all created by black women and women of colour.

Last year I had the pleasure of being invited to Janet’s List pop up shop. I Returned this year to experience their Islington store. I shared my time in store on my Instagram story last year and as Janet’s List continues to grows, I wanted my content to grow with it.

A Tour Of Janet’s List Concept Shop

For last years Pop Up Shop, Janet’s List housed 14 brands owned by black women and women of colour. This year the Islington Concept Store is home to 23 businesses. Janet shared with me that they are happy to provide a space for up to 25 businesses in their future stores. Keeping the Janet List Concept Stores interesting, intimate and full of variety.

I was given a tour of the store and detailed information on the business owners and the story behind the businesses. I always find it interesting to know what motivated individuals to start a business. I noticed that the majority of black-owned and women of colour owned businesses start with them finding solutions to issues they have faced themselves. It is that personal connection that I appreciate, and the concept of being spoken to, heard and understood, that matters to me the most when I part with my money.

What You’ll Find In Store:

Hair Care

Ksoni: £12.00

New and environmentally conscious bathroom brand. Ksoni currently has a three product line with a choice of three scents. Their shampoo & shower gel are creatively packaged in a can, and they are working on covers to ensure their products can be used more than once and kept fresh for longer.

Luxemore London: £15.00 – £18.00

Vegan and all natural hair care brand, that also produces skincare beard care products. Janet shared her personal experience with Luxemore London and shared that she is a fan of their African Moringa Shampoo, and suggested that their Black walnut range may work well for those with hair that is of a thicker texture.

Equi Botanics: £15.00 – £35.00

Vegan hair care brand created to increase moisture and growth for curly and kinky hair types. Also featured in Vogue, Cosmo and Stylist. Their products will have you wash day ready with their Shampoo, Conditioner, Deep Treatment and Leave-in Conditioner available in both full sizes and travel sizes.

untitled design-19

Innocent Hair Care: £7.00 – £15.00

New Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Afro Hair Care brand, big on using clean ingredients and producing products that create visible results. Their range contains a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner and sealant pomade.


Bourn Beautiful Naturals: £3.00 – £35.00

Handcrafted curly girl method friendly natural hair products and skincare created for those with sensitive skin. One of my favourite black-owned hair brands, the quality is consistent, scents are amazing and the products work so well together.

Sofia Latif: £20.00 – £45.00

Award Winning, vegan, Luxe Skincare brand. encouraging confidence and glowy skin, with their cruelty free skin oils, eye roller and rose quartz face rollers. Also providing small and large gifts sets.

untitled design-20

Ivy Nat: £6.99 -£16.99

Natural and Vegan brand Ivy Nat provide you with all of your raw essentials, shea butter, castor oil and black soap. Janets List also has stocked Ivy Nat’s sample bags in store, a great gift for someone else or for someone who wants to incorporate more raw products into their skin/hair care.

S+AVA: £14.99 – £32.50

Lux Organic South African Skincare & hair care brand, heavily inspired by the women of Chan in Central/West Africa who use Chebe to grow their natural hair as long as 30inches. S+Aba stocks chebe powder as well as chebe infused hair products for healthy hair growth.


LB Beads: £12.00 -£80.00

Unique handmade Jewellery, made with Fairtrade beads and other unique materials like glass. LB Beads has made some special pieces for Janet’s List store. The handmade pieces make for a one of a kind gift for someone who loves to make a statement with their jewellery.

Catherine Marche: £30.00 – £395.00

Fine Jewellery designer Catherine Marche creates beautiful and dainty pieces that can be stacked and worn individually for a subtle and minimal look. There is a mix of silvers, golds, gems and stones to choose from at Janet’s List Store.

Isura: £9.99 – £18.99

Jewellery inspired by Africa, created for you to represent your country with pride. Whether you’re from Nigeria or Trinidad and Tobago, rep your home country with a choice of gold or silver necklaces.

TM Boutique: £6.00 – £16.00

Handcrafted Button jewellery and accessories. For those who like bold and interesting pieces of jewellery and accessories, TM Boutique have a wide range of earrings, pins and neckless.


Black Pineapple: £4.00 – £6.00

Vegan and Gluten free Boozy Jam brand Black Pineapple, named after the founders Antigua heritage. The Antigua Black Pineapple, their national fruit also known as the sweetest pineapple in the world. I had the chance to taste the jams and I will be back for the Kiwi & prosecco Jam and their Paprika Pepper Jam. They also have a few marinades for sale in-store.

untitled design-23

Fashion, Hosiery & Accessories

Phera Bags: £6.00 (Hair Scrunchie) – £85.00 (Cross Body Bag)

Nigerian dyeing technique called Adire is used to give Phera Bags and accessories its denim look, without the weight of denim. There is a wide range of bags and accessories to choose from in store, from pencil cases, to bumbag and handbags.

Sheer Suga: £6.00 (Pasties) – (Tights) £10.00

Carnival Inspired hosiery brand, have created tights that range between light brown to dark brown in shades. Not only is there a range of shades, but they are thick thigh friendly, they come in your classic fishnet style or you can opt for some glitter and gems and they have true nude shade pasties.

Mama Afirika: £11.99 – £43.95

Modern African Inspired Fashion Brand, made in Uganda and the UK. Mama Afirika stocks baby blankets, snoods, clothing for children and adults, and bags in store at Janet’s List.

Sheer Chemistry: £8.50 – £12.00

Nude tights created for black women and women of colour. In-store you can test the samples to find your perfect shade and choose between a matte or glossy finish. The shades are beautifully made and the matte finish was my favourite until I saw the glossy finish *heart eyes emoji*. Sheer Chemistry doesn’t just have a choice of finishes but you can also get their tights in 10 or 15 deniers, and they have a range of tights that come with a control top with sculpting panels for extra support and comfort.

untitled design-25
untitled design-26

Hannah Pratt Clothing: £10.00 – £40.00

Inspired by and dedicated to celebrating black culture through their clothing. In-store you can find their iconic Jollof and Plantain sweaters and their new Black Women Of Britain Printed Tee & Tote Bag.


Amayah’s Headwraps: £4.95/£7.95 (Headwrap) – £22.95/£25.00 (Mummy + Baby Twinset)

The colourful Fashion forward mummy and baby brand. Amayah’s Headwraps has a range of headwraps that come already tied, which is the perfect thing for parents.

Black Chibi Dolls: £1.00 – £12.00

Black dolls and key rings to celebrate black beauty. This brand really captured the importance of representation in a way that is simple and effective. Black Panther inspired Keyrings and notebooks with figures that look like you and that will be used and seen often creates a positive image of self. Great stocking fillers and general gifts for children.

AfroPuff Ltd: £4.00 – £25.00

UK Based Children’s brand made with bold African printed fabrics. In store you will find a selection of dresses and two-pieces, in a variety of beautiful prints.

Colour Celebrations: £16.00

Campaigning diversity and representation with Milestone’s cards, a great gift for new parents who want to document their child’s milestones.

untitled design-30

You can wrap all your gifts with Colourshots Cards wrapping paper that is also being sold at Janet’s List Concept Store.

A great place to shop for gifts for yourself and for your loved ones, whilst also supporting amazing women in business. Have you all finished your Christmas shopping? Or you doing everything last minute like me?

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