There are no real rules when it comes to creating content, but we often create our own rules and sometimes those rules restrict us, and leave us questioning our own creative thoughts.

We are in a time where creativity is being seen in many different ways, from many different types of people. This fairly new space means we are constantly watching those around us for inspiration and guidance. Searching for inspiration is great, I just think we don’t always give ourselves enough space to do what we want to do because of the rules and restrictions we put on ourselves.

I believe there are three pieces of advice I can share to help you stop overthinking and get back into the flow of creating. The overthinking doesn’t necessarily disappear however having some tips to help when the overthinking starts can help bring you back to what’s most important.

Tips To Help When You’re Overthinking Your Content:

Set Yourself Goals/Targets

Firstly, set yourself some goals. Think about what you want the result to be? Most of us struggle the most with consistency and anything that can affect our consistency. So it is important to know your why, write it down and put it somewhere you can see it so you can remind yourself of it when you need it.

Once you establish your why and know what it is you want out of the process you can begin to think about what content you want to do. Remember that goals that are more specific and relevant to your lifestyles and routines are easier to follow through with.

Example: I will post twice a month, one post will be on natural hair care and one post will be about wellness” – Give yourself a structure, this will help you to concentrate on one or two areas which will leave less room for overthinking.

Make a Note Of All Your Creative Thoughts/Ideas 

You are going to be the most critical of your work and you are going to want it to be perfect, but perfection isn’t real. It won’t be perfect, however, it will be authentic, which in my opinion is all that matters.

When I say make a note of your ideas, I mean literally all of them. You will find the process of acknowledging your creative thoughts and ideas very affirming. By ignoring those ideas or dismissing them, you are stopping your ideas from seeing the light of day, and it is not because all of your ideas are rubbish, it is because we don’t trust ourselves. Trust that you already have what it takes, you already have ideas, allow those ideas and thoughts to become something. 

Every now and again look through your drafts and something will resonate with you, because the idea is already there, written down, this makes it easier for you to follow through with those ideas.

Find The Balance Between Creating for Yourself and Your Audience

It can be easy to get caught up in creating content for the sake of consistency or to only be creating the content we think people want to see. However, we are human, after a while it can become to feel like a chore and you can lose interest.

This is why I believe it is important to find the balance between creating for yourself and creating for your audience. If you have an idea for something but find yourself overthinking or questioning its quality, bring the idea to your audience. Ask them on different platforms, if it is something they want to see from you.

What If my audience isn’t interested? This really depends on you, do you think it is an important topic? Can you possibly include the topic in another way, maybe include it in another form of content? It is really up to you what you do next, however, bear in mind what you want the result to be.

Personally, I share what I want to share and ask my audience for their thoughts to better understand my audience. I always want my content to be relatable, informative and easy to understand. I post the content I have some personal experience in, which is why it is important for me to be happy with what I am doing first. However, if your content is for a specific purpose, you may find that what your audience wants comes first.


Keep things simple. Most of the time we over complicate things or talk ourselves out of our own greatness. Sometimes you just need a moment to breathe, reflect and get back to why you started and remind yourself of what it is you want to do with the space you have.


2 thoughts on “Tips To Stop You From Overthinking Your Content

  1. Occasionally I check out your blog to see what’s new, but I missed this one. I heard you speak about blogging at a ‘Detangled Hair’ event last year and have eventually set up my blog. I’ve already started overthinking this whole content creation thing. I love how open you are in your blog.


    1. Aw wow amazing!! So glad to hear you say you started your blog, this is awesome! 🧡 Thank you so much for your comment I really appreciate it. Girl the overthinking is real 😂 but you got this, make things as simple as possible for yourself and that does help with the overthinking 🧡


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