Your self-care routine doesn’t need to be excessive, your self-care journey is unique to you and your needs. Keep your self-care routine real simple and make a point to schedule in time within the week for some self-care practices. Self-care is a daily practice, so aim to have some form of self-care everyday.

You don’t necessarily need a whole day in order to practice self-care 15 minutes or an hour a day is still effective. You can do 15 minutes of meditation, an hour of reading, 10minutes for a face mask, or 15 minutes in the shower listening to your favourite songs.

I have included a few UK Black owned businesses because it is important to know what is available within the community. I have chosen a few businesses that can be used at any time. Here are a few suggestions for you to incorporate into your self-care routines:

Skincare With Primal Beauty

> Black Soap Shower Creme / Exfoliating Sugar Shear Oat with Lemongrass Scrub / Pure Shea Butter with Cocoa Butter <

A long bath with a citrus scented body scrub is a great way to start your self-care Sunday. Starting your morning slowly with a few minutes to yourself can really improve your mood and it is a great way to gently wake up your body.

Whilst in the bath using a body scrub, or once you have left the bath and moisturised your skin think of your five senses as a way to encourage being in the now. What can you smell, see, touch, taste, hear?

Relaxing Colouring In With Wild Suga

 > Women + Patterns + Plants Colouring Book <

Spending some time with yourself or your loved ones being creative and getting lost in the patterns, plants, and beautiful images on the pages. If you have found it difficult to get into meditation, adult colouring books may be something to try instead as the act of colouring can put you into a meditative state.

Put on some mood music in the background, grab your colouring pens and enjoy some stress free and anxiety reducing time colouring in, you could even take this into your garden and top up your vitamin D whilst you are colouring in.

DIY Nails With 516 Polish

> Ganache / Bossy / Finesse <

Self-care practices can be anything that makes us feel better about ourselves, from saying affirmations in the mirror to spending some time painting your nails. It is important for us to feel and look good for ourselves whatever that may mean to you.

Take 30 minutes of your day to show yourself some love. Search for simple or easy to do nail art designs on YouTube or Pinterest. Get creative and create some patterns, or just keep it simple, it’s totally up to you, have fun with it. You can use my code: SAABIRAH10 for 10% off (excluding gift sets & gift cards) of your order. 

Vegan Snacks with Yard Confectionary

> Coconut White Chocolate (Vegan) & High Grade 5% CBD Chocolate (Vegan) <

Is it even a Self Care day without snacks? The only right answer is no, I don’t make the rules. Whether you are taking a snack break in between your self-care routine or maybe enjoying a drink and some chocolate is your idea of a good self-care day. Opting for a snack that is not only tasty but can also improve your mood is always a good idea.

Consuming dark chocolate boosts the production of endorphins, whilst CBD oil helps with anxiety relief and it also helps to improve your sleep. Combined these two ingredients create the perfect self care treat.

I hope this post gives you a few ideas for to Self Care Sunday like a pro whilst supporting some amazing black owned businesses. What are some of your favourite self care day snacks/treats?

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