I haven’t really enjoyed most of the jobs I have had because they have only worked for my lifestyle and I haven’t been passionate about a lot of the jobs I have had. I started working after finishing years in college mainly because I wanted to help out at home, and entering my twenties with no money wasn’t something I wanted. Now approaching my thirties I am dedicating some time to thinking about my career, something I haven’t really been able to think about before. I guess this is a little bit of a life update blog post as well as some things you can do if you’re no longer enjoying your job.

Leaving a job was something I never considered until recently, and with the help from my mentor I realised that leaving wasn’t my only option and I started to think about what other options there are for people who don’t particularly enjoy their jobs but also feel like leaving isn’t an option. This post is more for those who are in jobs and not necessarily for those who are looking for career advice as I am not quite in a position to give anyone career advice.

5 things you can do if you don’t like your job

1. Relocate/Change shift/hours – If you work for a big company, one of the good things about is the flexibility, If you’re working somewhere that has multiple branches, stores, franchises it may be good to consider changing your shift or relocating. Things like having to spend a big chunk of your wages on public transport won’t add to your dislike for your job/role so relocating to somewhere closer to home may make the job that more pleasurable, also a change of environment generally is a good thing especially if you’re someone who needs change or variety.

2, Revaluate you’re skills – If you have been working in a particular job for a while you may not notice the value in your skills. Spending the the day doing a task that you do everyday may make you overlook the skills that you have gained in the role. If you find yourself disliking your job/role it’s a good time to reevaluate your skills and if you feel your skills aren’t being utilised in the best way inquire about changing your role or finding a new job/role that is better suited to your skills. A lot of the skills we may not put a lot of value on are transferable skills, which just means that can applied to a variety of different roles and jobs which puts you in a pretty good position if you know how to “sell yourself” well.

3. Sign up to a course/volunteer/intern – This may be an obvious one and one that most of us think about, when we want to change our situation, we tend to look for resources. Finding something that is more aligned with your goals, interests, skills, dream career etc can help give you a confidence boost, improve and develop new skills, gain further experience and clarity within the career you’re looking to get into. Don’t put a huge amount of pressure on yourself to find the dream career, most people either settle or find themselves going through multiple roles before getting to the one they are happy with. It is okay to change your mind and to have a different dream.

4. Take a break – when you’re going to work and you find yourself hating the situation you are in it can be an overwhelming experience so if you can take time off to rest, recharge and reevaluate your situation, you may find the time away from work will give you the some clarity about your situation. Most of the time it isn’t just work-related stress and unfulfillment that is making us hate work, it’s normally a combination of things so take some time for yourself, tend to your basic needs, spend time asking yourself what you need right now and what will help with the situation you are in and then act accordingly. Trying to think of your next move whilst juggling responsibilities, managing your feelings towards your job and everyday life is a lot so a break just allows to be more clear headed.

5. Leave – Originally this was not one of the options when I started writing this post back in November mainly because I had no plan b. However, during the time I had been signed off of work for four weeks I decided that I no longer wanted to go back and when I return I will be returning with my last day in mind. If leaving is an option for you, (which it is) then take that option. Your health and wellbeing is the most important thing and it is also your responsibility.

Knowing that nothing had changed once I returned to work, I realised that I had to be the one to create that change for myself. Leaving with no plan B has been extremely difficult, scary and mentally challenging, however I can confidently say I have no regrets about leaving, this part of the journey that is difficult is so much better than the sudden anxiety attacks, depleting self confidence/self esteem, feelings of hopelessness and constant crying.


“I have all the skills and knowledge to deliver at my dream job.”

“I am the perfect fit for this position.”

“I have the skills and knowledge to make the best decisions for my career.”

“I allow myself to grow and learn.” – Indeed

Everyday I am getting closer and closer to my dream career.

I deserve to have the life I want and that includes the career I choose

I have trust in the process.” – Motivation Ping

I know this transition will be difficult, but I have the support and strength to get through this experience

I choose to be self compassionate and understanding during this transition.

I don’t have to wait for others to see the potential in me because I see the potential in myself

I have had some support with my CV and searching for opportunities with the help of my mentor and The Recruit which I would highly recommend, if you need some career advice and support.

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