It is important for me to be clear with my intentions with this blog. I created this blog in order to share my thoughts and opinions on important topics, as well as empowerment focused pieces specifically with the black community in mind.

I pride myself on only creating content that can be useful for you the reader. However I am not a professional, this blog is opinion based. Everything I write is my own words, unless stated otherwise. I always quote and link any words used that are not my own. I will never willing take credit for work I have not done. That is the same for any facts shared, they will be linked directly to it’s source, encouraging you to read further into something before making any decisions or purchases.

Gifted Items

I am occasionally sent products and event tickets (press passes) from brands and PR companies. I do not share everything that Is gifted to me, as it doesn’t always align with my readers, or the product or item itself is not something I would use neither promote.

Anything gifted to me and shared on my blog is done because it relates with the content I already produce on my blog. I will always mention when an item has been gifted to me in order to remain transparent and to give you full control over what content you choose to consume.

Affiliate Link Disclosure

I am signed up to Kickbooster, an affiliate company. I will always mark affiliate links with an asterisk (*). If you use an affiliate on my blog, I will receive a small percentage of the sale, at no extra cost to you. I have voluntarily signed up to a few brands that I already use and have then been given an affiliate link to use throughout my blog.

This information is updated regularly, depending on any changes that need to be made. If you’re unclear about anything please contact me for further information.