I am all about protecting the data of my web visitors and subscriber’s. Any of the information collected is not sold to any other companies, your information is strictly used for me to gain an understanding of my visitors activity and statistics are shared with brands when in collaboration or enquiring about my engagement and even then; emails and personal information is not shared with these brands for your safety and confidentiality.

Types of data i collect

Google Analytics – To track activity, engagement and visitors behaviour on my site I use Google Analytics. I use this service so that I can see how you interact with my site. The data I see is all based on numbers, I do not see personal details regarding names and addresses, that is not what i use Google Analytics for.

Mailing List – If you are signed up to my MailChimp mailing list, you will already know that an email is sent to you by me only and it is only for the information you want to see from me. I have your name and email address to be able to contact you for updates on my blog, giveaways, events and general updates. This list is solely for me to get in contact with you, I do not rent or trade email lists with other organisations. This service is free and you are able to unsubscribe at anytime by heading to the bottom of any of my emails.

Third parties

I do not share your personal details with any other company without your consent. If a third party wants to make contact with my mailing list, then that message will still be provided by me and will be clearly marked as a sponsored post.

You’re free to view, edit or delete your personal information if you no longer want any of your personal information shared with me. Simply email me for any requests regarding your personal information: Saabirahlawrencexo@gmail.com

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