I have had people ask me if I am a full time blogger before. I always take it as a compliment, I feel like it is a credit to my consistency. Either that or it is because  I always introduce myself as a blogger. I do not have a cool profession to go before the “I have a blog on the side” line. Initially I did think it was weird, I thought if I was full time surely you’d know who I was. Three years on and I understand that being a full time blogger does not automatically mean everyone knows who you are.

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Blogging Journey

It has only been during my third year of blogging that I have really thought about this question. Mainly because so many great things have happened in such a short space of time. My first year of blogging was really the year to find my feet and figure out what it is I wanted to achieve with your blog. Then after putting in the work, building a brand and an engaging audience, it is then that I begun to think about paid opportunities and going full time.


>> 3 Lessons From 3 Years of Blogging <<


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Never Say Never

Initially I had no idea it was a possibility to be a full time blogger, so it was never on my mind. I have definitely thought about it now more than ever before. However right now I do not see it happening in the next few years. Mainly because I like a stable income and I like the structure of going into work, I feel like I could get bored of blogging if I didn’t have something else to do. Right now the part time job and blogging in my free time works really well, so I am in no rush to change it up just yet, but that doesn’t mean never.

I have also thought about potential brand collaboration and if I am completely honest there isn’t many brands I really want to work with. I think it has a lot do with my lack of interest in big brand names. I really need to feel that the brands morals represents my own. I think is one of issues black creatives have, we don’t have the privilege of just working with anyone, we have to consider if the service or product is even made with us in mind, if they include more than one black person throughout their marketing, the list goes on. I know for me it is really important for me to genuinely care about the brand and it’s products/service before bringing it to my platform.

This space is precious to me and I know you value the content I create so I do not just want to throw out rubbish content just for some coin. The big brands is where the money is at, so it only makes sense to aim for those big brand collaborations, however as much as I know it will be slightly harder with black owned businesses, that is where my passion is so I will continue to support and create content around the activity within the black community.

With that being said New Look and Primark can hit me up anytime, your girl is a fan of affordable fashion…


Blog Goals

I have some big plans for my blog and what I want my brand to represent, It may be a lot to take on for just one person but, I want to make an impact. Curlture always highlight the importance of leaving a legacy, especially as black people. I want to be part of the change, I want to know that I have contributed something the generations to come can benefit from.



What that Is, I haven’t quiet figured out yet, however I do know that I want my blog to be a safe space for black women specifically. I want to continue to empower the community a few blog posts at a time. I want to share my self discovery journey, I want to be vulnerable so that others can do the same. I want to be forever proud of myself, not only for me but also for others who may feel like figuring out who they are is an never ending battle. You will always discover new parts of you and that is perfectly okay.

To answer the question and to stop this post from being 3,000+ words. For now being a part time blogger is perfect, that is not to say that I will not make the transition in the future. I am learning to go at my pace and to be content with my journey, there is no need to rush it. Do I still feel the pressure? Hell yeah! But I am happy with what I am doing now? YASSSSS!!!

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