Disclaimer: A few items included have previously been gifted to me, all gifted items will have a (*) next to it. 

Is it too late to post my 2019 favourites? Probably, but I knew you wanted to know what I had been loving last year and due to my recent switch up in my posting schedule this post kept getting pushed back. I also had in mind the type of images I wanted and that meant pushing the post back as well.

I have always been a creature of comfort, I would only try new things if it was recommended to me and even then I would still be hesitant to try it. A lot has changed since I started blogging and creating content. When I started I didn’t really think about the lessons I would learn and the things I would discover. However here I am now, in a privileged position where I am able to receive gifted products and experiences that have introduced me to new brands, products and interests.

Natural Hair Favourites

*Luxebonnet Pink Satin ‘Curl Boss’ Bonnet

During Black History Month CurlyGirlChlo teamed up with Curlee Box to create a box filled with black-owned hair products. I was kindly sent a box and out of all the items, Luxebonet’s Satin lined bonnet has been my go-to item when I go to bed and when I’m just around the house.

It fits my head perfectly, is comfortable to sleep in, and I was even able to still use it when I had my braids, which is great because I wanted to keep my braids fresh and frizz free for as long as possible.

*Head & Shoulders Supreme Pre-Shampoo Micellar Cleanser

This was in my goodie bag from The Brown Beauty Talk & KCL Beauty Society event last year. I have never used Head & Shoulders before and I probably wouldn’t have used their products for my hair if I’m honest. However as I am prone to build up, this extra step before shampooing has made a difference to the way my scalp and hair responds to the products I use, it gives me a fresh base for my shampoo and conditioner.

Nylah Super Seed Hair Oil

This oil is up there with Afrocenchix Seal Oil and Curly By Nature’s Oil. It’s a great blend of oils, that isn’t too heavy or thick so it just coats my strands with enough moisture to seal in any products I use.

Beauty & Skincare Favourites

*Lush ‘Honey Trap’ Lip Balm

I was gifted a box of goodies from Lush for my solo birthday trip in August and I have been using it ever since. I have already bought my second tin as I was scraping the sides of the tin to get every last bit of it. This has been a lifesaver this winter and generally as I tend to bite my lips when I’m anxious and it heals my lips perfectly especially if I apply it before bed.

*Flow Beauty Co Everything Oil

Last year I started working with MDMFlow and I was gifted their Everything Oil from their skincare brand Flow Beauty Co.

I love oil for my skin but I already have oily skin so I should really be using mattifying products but I just love the glow. This oil does that without making my skin more oily, as it’s really lightweight. I use it before a primer if I am wearing makeup, I also use it to lift my makeup before going in with micellar water, and if I’m not wearing makeup I wear it by itself, it has a subtle citrusy scent to it and absorbs into the skin beautifully. I have already bought my second bottle.

Lifestyle Favourites

Bonita Ivie Prints ‘To-Do List’ Pad 

This has been my go-to item of stationery, it’s aesthetically pleasuring, a great size for my bag and it makes it easy for me to jot down anything that I have to do. I have been using one sheet to write a general to-do list then another sheet to break down, by the hour or by the task it’s self.

Fashion Favourites

ASOS DESIGN Wide Fit Distinct Chunky Black Trainers

These trainers are no longer in stock but here are some similar ones. if you see me in person I am bound to be wearing these trainers. So comfortable and they give me a little extra height which is nice.

Omo Lola Jewellery Rose Quartz Neckless

I got this earlier last year so it’s no longer in stock. I tried to get into crystals last year and thought a good way to start was to have some form of jewellery I could wear often to see what difference it would make. Beautiful piece of jewellery that I like to wear all the time.

Foodie Favourites

Snickers Crisp

This is going to sound mad, but I am not the biggest Snickers fan, mainly because of the nuts. Big pieces of nuts in my chocolate don’t do it for me, however, I tried the crispy version and now I’m addicted. It has the same taste as the original snickers, but with rice crispy bits, so it just feel like there are fewer nuts which makes me happy.

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