Disclaimer: This product was gifted to me for a previous Instagram collaboration.

Since starting my healthy hair journey a few years ago, I have not used any type of hair growth supplements. I definitely dabbled in the JBCO (Jamaican Black Castor Oil) hype, but other than that I haven’t been focusing too much on the growth of my hair, as in it wasn’t the main goal for me.

Fast forward to last year’s November when I started using Lydia’s Liquid Hair Growth Supplement ‘Love Locks’. I was interested to see what changes It would make to the health of my hair and I wanted to see if it would encourage any growth. I must admit I wasn’t consistent with this so I ended up finishing the bottle over the period of two months, so my results are probably going to be affected by this.

Lydia’s Hair Growth Supplement – ‘Love Locks

£23.99 for 300ml 1 month use

Gluten-Free, Vegan, Fast Absorbing, Black Owned & Made In the UK

It comes in a zesty orange and carrot flavour.

Love Locks‘ First Impressions

Before trying ‘Love Locks’ I felt that my hair wasn’t in the best condition, it wasn’t growing evenly, it was thinning, felt brittle and just wasn’t really responding to products the way I wanted it to.

After trying ‘Love Locks’ the first few days I noticed quite a bit of shedding, more than I was used to, which I wasn’t too concerned about, as it was during the colder months so I put it down to that. Now I think the supplement may have encouraged my hair cycle to shed any hair that needed to go.

The first few things I did notice was that my hair was growing evenly, I had previously cut my hair as one side was growing longer than the other side.

When I apply hair products and after washing and conditioning my hair my curl pattern has become more defined. I find that my hair just holds it’s coils better since taking this supplement.

The strands of my hair has also thickened. I have always felt like my hair has been pretty fine, especially in my teenage years when I would strengthen the hell out of my hair. However a few days into drinking ‘Love Locks‘ I could see and feel my hair strands had thickened.

As I mentioned before I didn’t finish this supplement within a month, this was due to the taste. I am not someone who drinks squash or diluted drinks. It doesn’t taste bad at all, you can, however, taste the added vitamins, but it isn’t an off-putting taste. If you’re a squash kind of person then you will not have any problems with the taste.

Does It Work?

Yes, it works! Although I wasn’t very consistent with this I have been taking multivitamins and vitamin D which I think has helped me retain length and retain the thickness of my hair. If you remember to drink this with a meal every day, then you will see results. I would agree and say that It being a liquid makes it fast-absorbing and encourages your hair to respond to the vitamins in a way that can give you faster results. It is important to note that everyone’s hair is different, so you may find it doesn’t work as quickly as it did for me. Unfortunately, I didn’t take many images during this process to be able to show you a length check.

Final Thoughts

I am happy with the results and I am happy with the way my hair has responded to this supplement. I would recommend it for someone who enjoys the taste of squash and is looking to improve the health of their hair. I like that there was a choice of three measurements on the cap, this gives you the choice to drink it throughout the day in instalments instead of all at once.


If you are looking to try ‘Love Locks’ you can use my code: SAABIRAH20 for 20% off of your first purchase.

Have you tried any hair growth supplements before? Did they work?

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