I feel like going with the flow only works for a short amount of time and I think that time is starting to come to an end for me. I have spoken about my blogging journey and how It started out as a hobby, a way to pass some time, a way for me to express myself. This hobby has allowed me to do some amazing things, connect with some really inspiring people and given me heaps of opportunities. Now is the time for me to push myself and figure out what my goals are, and what I want to achieve on this journey.

Going With The Flow

Amazing opportunities are presenting themselves, good things are coming my way not by chance, but because I have been speaking it into existence and working on my consistency, attending events also helped. I don’t expect good things to be handed to me, I know I have to do my part so that the universe can do it’s part, which is why I feel like going with the flow can only take me so far.

In this content creating world you need to know your strengths and use them. Writing down my strengths has always been a challenge for me. My strengths come with a list of buts, I feel as if my strengths are not solid, they lack conviction. So how do I use my strengths if I myself do not even believe they are strengths? I feel like going with the flow works well if you utilise your strengths, so in order for me to do this well I need to firstly identify my strengths and utilise them.

Believing In Yourself

At times I know that my content is good. I just find it difficult bringing attention to my achievements. How do I articulate my achievements in a way that is still me but gets the attention I need in order to take my blog to the next level? I am not the scream and shout about my achievements type, but I am aware that in a way it is needed in order to be seen and heard.

I recently spoke about coming out of my comfort zone, but I didn’t mention bigging myself up as something I need to do more often. Honestly it can be uncomfortable for me to pat myself on the back.

Most of the time I feel a lot like an impostor, like I am in a position I am not qualified for. I have moments when those thoughts are quieter, so I work quickly and effectively being careful not to wake those thoughts up again. Then there are other times when I struggle to believe in myself.

Find Your Why

My blog was not created to inspire or empower, I didn’t believe I had that power within me. I created this blog for myself, and very quickly realised that not only am I not alone, but I actually have a lot more influence then I realised. Which is pretty scary. I am hesitant to call myself an influencer because I am aware of how much responsibility it holds, and I just don’t feel ready to take on the title. But if we want to put a name on what I do then yeah, I guess I am an Influencer.

I still don’t fully know my why, I know I want to make a difference I know I want to be part of that change. I guess creating this blog and writing about the topics that I write about may help me to achieve that. I would love to empower and inspire people, specifically black women. I would love to know that I helped to encourage black women to have honest and fulfilled relationships with themselves.

Going with the flow is not a bad thing, if you pay attention to the journey you will learn a lot. There is a lot of lessons to be learnt in a journey that has no set destination, it can be really freeing I know it is for me. After a while you will notice a shift, a shift that changes your approach, it gives you a faint idea of your destination, you meet people who help move you down a path you didn’t even know existed. That is where I am at now, after going with the flow for a while now I have an idea of my destination. It is not 100% clear where I am going just yet, but it’s clear enough for me to trust the direction that I am going in.

I feel as if I am on autopilot, I can take control when I need to, but for the most part I trust that I am right course. My why is not 100% clear, I have had a few comments in the past few weeks that have made figuring out my why  a lot easier. That however does not mean it cannot change, it may change. For now I know the reason for all that I do is bigger than just me, it for the next generation to feel free to be themselves.

The key is to do whatever it is that you do with a clear heart, do what you’re passionate about, think of your work as something you would have needed.

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