Black Twitter is an online cultural identity that many black people around the world align with, popular culture depends on and businesses stay trying to profit off. While African Americans represent the largest membership base of Black Twitter, the increasing voice, power and influence that Black British Twitter has been something I’ve kept a keen eye on.

Within Black British Twitter in particular, exists a growing community of creators, some of which do not realise their own influence or juggle it alongside their ‘offline’ selves. I owe much of the success of my platform, @adzvice to Black Twitter. It’s where I met my team and several close friends, it’s where I found my audience and it’s where I continue to find inspiration for content, events and projects.

Here are 5 reasons why I think black creatives in particular should use Twitter.

1. Discovery

There is a plethora of amazing people doing some really dope things. From podcasters to product reviewers, micro influencers to mummy bloggers, I’m constantly blown away by the creative power people that look and talk like me are exhibiting.

2. Conversation

No social network is as good for interaction and dialogue than Twitter. For black creatives in particular, it’s a great place to validate your thoughts or spark up a debate on serious and trivial matters alike.

3. Networking

Following on from the above, black creatives can identify their tribe and build solid relationships that can turn into actual relationships, both professionally and socially. I’ve said several times this is a much better way to build organic support from like-minded people instead of forcing support from friends and families.

4. Thought Leadership

Black creatives can demonstrate their brilliance and knowledge pertaining to particular fields easily on Twitter. It has to be said that not all people scrambling to create online thought pieces on the TL necessarily know what they’re talking about but I’ll save that for another post.

5. Challenging Stereotypes

Without giving word count to the long list of negative stereotypes black people have to deal with, I love the fact that black creatives knowingly and unknowingly smash these on a regular basis. For every stupid assumption about how black people are, I could show you several examples of people proving it wrong.

Thank you Saabirah for allowing me to contribute to your blog and for being one of the Twitter friends and ‘tribe’ members I appreciate.

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8 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Think Black Creatives Should be on Twitter [Guest Post]

  1. Thank you for sharing, this is very helpful! I’ve always loved twitter because of the conversations (and jokes) and thoughts that are shared on the platform. However I’ve never really used to it network nor promote my blog. It’s definitely making me reconsider using it for those reasons too 💜

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