Last week I turned 26, and my youngest brother continues to remind me that I am four years away from thirty so there’s that…thanks, bro


last year I wanted to create 25 affirmations for myself as I knew 25 was going to b a difficult year. This year I decided to share some of the lessons I have learnt about myself over my 26 years of life.

For my 25th birthday I reminded myself to focus on what I need and what I wanted to do, I wanted some time to myself so I took myself away to Manchester for a staycation, it was a liberating and eye opening experience that I wanted to last forever.

During the run up to my 26th birthday, I started to reflect on my growth and how far I have come despite “life not going to plan”. I have to constantly remind myself that none of my great experiences over the years would have happened if I had “stuck to the plan”.


These lessons are a mixture of self reflections, self awareness and self-development. I love having a space that allows me to be honest and I know this is something you appreciate, so here go 26 lessons from 26 years of my life:

1. Just because others Issues are bigger or different to yours doesn’t mean you do not deserve the time and space to speak about it.

2. Vulnerability is uncomfortable but it has allowed you to connect with the greatest of people.

3. Do not fear the universe answering your calls. You know what you want and it is on it’s way to you, prepare yourself for it.

4. Humouring your inner child isn’t childish. You did not have the childhood you deserved, now is the time to nurture your inner child.

5. Nothing is wrong with you, I know you have cried and pleaded about this in the past, but there is nothing wrong with you. You just need the time and place to work through everything.

6. Give yourself the gift of action, you love and appreciate yourself more when you take action.

7. It is not always about you, consider others and be a better friend.

8. You need moments for yourself and that is great, just maintain this.

9. At times it feels easier to believe the self doubting thoughts but Deep down you believe in your sauce.

10. Keep laughing you are the embodiment of joy.

11. Don’t eat your feelings, speak up more your voice is valid.

12. Sometimes you do have to remind people to put some respect on your name even when it is comfortable and awkward.

13. You are not lazy you just give yourself too much to do, be realistic with your time.

14. You are you and that has never been a bad thing, regardless of what people have said about you, you just being you is enough.

15. When you take your time you can really do bits.

16. You don’t wait for permission, you do what is right for you and I love that about you.

17. You are a leader, you may have had doubts but leadership looks different for everyone.

18. Nothing you do is an accident, believe that.

19. Seeking help doesn’t to make you less capable of looking after yourself, we all need help from time to time.

20. Doing it all yourself isn’t necessary you are not alone.

21. You have always wanted to help people you are starting to see what that looks like now.

22. Whatever you don’t know now you will know, don’t let uncertainty stop your curiosity.

23. This is your journey remember to make choices that are right for you and nobody else.

24. Intention is something you value most, listen to your intuition, when it feels like you are forcing it, you probably are.

25. People are going to have their ideas of you and who you should be, but only you have the last say on who you are.

26. You are constantly changing and growing, keep flourishing Queen!

5 thoughts on “26 Years Taught Me This…

  1. Oh I love this post so very much. I remember being in my twenties and counting down the days of my thirties. Now that I am thirty-seven years old, I don’t count age, and I am closer to forty than I am to thirty these days. This is such great advice, and don’t worry about the age thing. Thirty is a game changer.


      1. It’s funny how when we’re younger we put so much focus on being “Adult”. Once we get to this phase though everything changes, age no longer matters as much as we learn to focus on the important stuff. Salute to the important stuff ❤


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