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Although 2019 has truly been one of the hardest years for me, I know there were definitely some positives within the year. I wanted to revisit those positives and speak more of those good times into existence for the new year.

Manifesting and speaking experiences into existence is still new for me, I feel like I do it by accident, which isn’t really true. It works for me because I believe in what I am saying, without obsessing over it and because I am honest with what it is that I want. You do need to be specific otherwise you will receive something that is close to what you wanted but, not exactly what you wanted.

How Do You Speak The Experiences You Enjoyed Last Year Into The New Year?

Identify what experiences you enjoyed and why.

How did you feel during that time?

Write down what you want to see yourself doing and experiencing this year. Be honest with yourself and make it specific, clear and true to you, don’t generalise.

As well as writing it down say it out loud. To yourself, in the mirror or If you want, share it with the people you trust or the people you feel will be able to help those experiences come to fruition. Do what feels right. The action of writing it down and saying it out loud really cements the thought in your head.

Choose a word or phrase or affirmation to focus on this year that relates to the experiences you want – example phrase: ”everything I want is outside of my comfort zone”

2019 Highlights & Experiences I Want To Continue Into The New Year


Earlier in the year I modelled for new black-owned Beauty Brand Uoma Beauty, and you can now see my face showcasing their complexion products on their website – I’m the shade Bronze Venus T3N

I ended the year with a trip to Cardiff to be part of *TOTM Organics, the period positive and organic menstruation brand’s recent photoshoot.

Last year I allowed myself to feel comfortable in front of a camera, to see myself in a different light and to put my all into new experiences that make me feel nervous. I want to continue pushing through my comfort zone to create content and images that highlight my versatility.

Public Speaking

I started the year off with a workshop on blogging and my blogging journey for Detangled Hair’s annual Health & Haircare event.

Then during the summer, with the help of my sister, I hosted my own workshop at London College of Communication for their Staff Wellness Day. I hosted a workshop, had the attendees make their own products and shared my knowledge on natural hair care.

This was the moment I realised that I wanted to do more of this, more public speaking and more hosting of events. I found myself feeling comfortable and in the right place at the right time.

Starting CBT

I said 2019 is the year I start therapy and it honestly felt like it wasn’t going to happen. I knew something had to change and after having a little breakdown I made the call to get myself referred for talking therapy. I had my first session of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) in December and I can already see that as much as this is a good start I will definitely go on to try Counselling in order to work through some of the things I haven’t been able to over the years.

I am really proud of myself for making this step. being vulnerable and asking for help is not easy, but my goal is to be the best version of myself and I am willing to utilize as many options as possible in order to make that happen.

Solo Travelling

For my birthday I took myself to Manchester and it was the best thing I have done for myself all year. Although it was only Manchester and, not the exotic island I would have wanted it to be, it did remind me just how important it is for me to spend time with myself.

I plan on exploring more of the UK and the rest of the globe, and plenty more solo trips this year. It’s good for me to spend time doing the things I like by myself as a form of self-care, I will continue doing this this year.

Explored My Creativity & Style

With the help of my friend LaLa I have been able to play around with my style and creativity last year. We created some great content last year and I hope to do the same this year with more creatives.

It was nice to be able to challenge my comfort zone, to play with colours and to see myself in ways I have never imagined to see myself.

Podcast Features

Being featured on podcasts has helped me find my voice, use my voice and share what I’m most passionate about. It has also given me the opportunity to practice speaking more openly and honestly about myself and my journey. I hope to be on plenty more podcasts this year.

None of these achievements would have been made possible without the support from my family, friends, the people who continue to support me and have been part of this amazing journey so Thank you for an Amazing Year!

What experiences are you manifesting this year?

3 thoughts on “How I Will Be Speaking An Eventful 2020 Into Existence

  1. Wow. There’s a lot to be proud of here! I’m definitely going to be more intentional this year. I too would love to feature on some podcasts this year in order to increase my public speaking confidence.


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